Iran protests at the Qatar World Cup – you can die for this

Iran protests at the Qatar World Cup - you can die for this

Around You think Iranian players looked stupid running for the ball in vain and England played in yesterday’s 2-6 loss, you have to look away from the sport.

That’s exactly what these guys did minutes before kick-off in their first World Cup match.

The World Cup is the biggest thing in a footballer’s sporting life, but then and at Khalifa Stadium it only meant an opportunity to sacrifice his life for something much bigger than sport:

  • All of Iran’s World Cup players chose to support the uprising in their homeland by remaining completely silent during the playing of the national anthem.

Against a regime that kills its critics at home and abroad, it was a moving protest.

The So the Iranian women were in the stands bursting into tears. For two months, riots raged across Iran after the mullahs’ morality police killed 22-year-old Masha Amini because she allegedly did not cover her hair in a decent enough manner.

Now women have been heard by the country’s leading sports stars. Better use the bigger stage to get behind the rebellion.

A whole team of soccer heroes who refuse to sing the national anthem is a great choir.

The utter silence on the football field has seldom seemed more excruciating.

Protest: Both Iranian players and fans chose to define their stance on the regime ahead of the World Cup match against England. Video: @SwainITV / Twitter
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Homepage In Iran the tone was immediately understood.

The start of the World Cup was marked with a day off in schools and a break in the workplaces. An entire nation gathered in front of the television screens. But when the player’s campaign started, that was it Sudden stop.

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On the live broadcast of the Iranian state was close-ups From the first three players standing there without singing. Then, suddenly, the producer threw it at the announcer.Republic of Iran (IRIB)Insert random photos from the stands instead of zooming in on the country’s biggest sports heroes.

The sound was still the same Sweeping Iranian national anthemBut something dramatic happened.

in Iran The drama is happening non-stop. Just before the restroom, Ali became Karimi; One of the greatest Iranian football heroes of all time, Defendant by the authorities to support the rebellion.

The former Bayern Munich star used his Instagram account to honor Masha Amini.

Don’t let the innocent bleedAnd the warned It is the Iranian security police.

It was a warning that reached Karimi’s 12 million followers on Instagram, and the system was reeling. Now Ali Karimi is accused.Conspiracy against world security »

He. She A key early player remains certain safety in Dubai. At the same time, the Iranian regime is famous Chase His critics abroad, too.

Yesterday’s action during the national anthem could cost dearly to everyone involved. It was approved by the team’s Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, who allowed the players to seize the opportunity themselves. Some of them are betting that their star status will serve as protection:

At worst, I will be expelled from the national teamAnd the Type Striker Sardar Azmoun on Instagram.

He has no doubt that he is happy to risk so much:

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It is a small price to pay for even a small portion of Iranian women’s hair. It’s a shame to kill people!

Such as Stubborn against the regime, Team Leader Ehsan Hajsafi. Already in a press conference before the match against England, he gave full support to the rebellion in his homeland:

In the name of God, the rainbowSeriously began the press conference.

This is a reference to 10-year-old Kian Bervalk, who was shot by Iranian security police while his father was trying to get them both home safely. On social media one appears video How little an entity played with a wooden boat in a bucket of water. The contrast with this senseless killing couldn’t be greater.

This cruel system takes anyone at any time.

After, after Yesterday, the posters were removed with the WC team from the walls and columns in the capital, Tehran. So, it is not taken for granted that the shirt of the Iranian national team is sufficient protection.

Two months ago, it was the star of Iranian football Saeed Bayramoun Equally brave Like toilet players. During the final of an international tournament in Dubai, he pretended to cut his hair after the 2-1 victory over Brazil.

The protest photo has spread home to Iran, but punishment is coming. The Iranian Football Federation pledged to take his star:

We will not skimp on anything. We guarantee that we will proceed all the way in line with Iran’s national interestsAnd the Threatens Connected in a press release about what awaits Saeed Bayramoun now after his haircut.

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for two years ago executed The Iranian authorities, the prominent wrestler Naveed Afkari, after the police targeted him during a demonstration against the regime and arrested him.

In prison, Afkari was tortured, and during the ill-treatment he killed a security guard. led to a death sentence.

In this crisis-stricken country The number of murders It ramps up in strength, and the system responds with executions here and in several different instances. Of the 597 death sentences published worldwide last year, all death sentences have been completed 314 carried out in Iran.

It was only in recent weeks that the authorities demanded this Sentenced to death In 21 cases related to intense demonstrations.

this is is the backdrop to the dramatic events that took place outside Khalifa Stadium yesterday. After that, being overtaken by English and losing 2-6 wouldn’t have been so overwhelming at all. And the alleged The beginning of the dream For English soccer wives on holiday, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The World Cup players stood upright without saying anything.

When in reality they should say it all.

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