Is there room for all the people of Harstad?

Is there room for all the people of Harstad?

By: Budil Kolsingh

U.S. too We are fortunate to live in a society based on the idea that all people are of equal value. As many people as possible have opportunities to participate in society and are able to enjoy the shared benefits that exist. This is required by law in our country, as well as in accordance with approved UN conventions.

Certain groups among We face special challenges in life and face many physical obstacles in order to be able to live and participate on an equal basis with everyone else. Often this is forgotten. Changes and adaptation are needed. Personally, I belong to the visually impaired/blind category. For us, much of the accommodation applies as it does for many others, for example wheelchair users. And there is something special.

For example it is Many visually impaired people (many older people) rely heavily on good lighting and well-lit hallways and common rooms. So it was very disappointing to experience that many of the city’s new and previously enjoyable dining venues had turned into dark, even completely black, interiors. There are almost no inconsistencies, which makes routing possible.

That is the case The new shopping center is extremely deficient in terms of accessibility. Among other things, the particularly wide staircase outside has no handrails, and lacks markings on the front of the stairs. Dangerous and unattractive entrance. Inside, it’s not easy to find your way around without guidance and with poor lighting and contrast. This should have been thought about during the planning process, and also applies to other shopping centers in the city.

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All summer long He has a big part of Command lines In the plaza, Richard Carpus’ yard is covered with equipment from surrounding businesses; From posters, flags, clothes racks, tables and chairs. Even bicycles that one can easily trip over. Someone at one of the election booths was able to tell me that what I had considered to be guide lines for the visually impaired and blind, or specifically the bright, sloping fields in contrast to the design of the bridge, were not intended to be guide lines at all. They were informed of this by the municipality. But what is the benefit of that? Surely they had a purpose?

It was not So that the municipality was asked to remove the poles and benches attached to the guide lines? In the meantime, perhaps they could have been marked with paint for example?

As diligent users In the middle of the city, I probably have several people who are thrilled that the grass is flat and free of ice in the winter. Maybe some guidelines should be put in place just for the use of the space – and guidelines.

when it comes to With access to other parts of the city, there are many obstacles, such as speed bumps and dumps in the sidewalks, high sidewalks where they should have been lowered, construction scaffolding and unmarked or completely unmarked barriers. It is especially difficult in winter and after dark.

can see That we need to be aware of everyone’s right to accessibility in a democracy like ours. Clearly, economics plays a role. But if the idea of ​​universal design permeates construction, restoration and other city improvements, we will provide all the work required. Because the legislation is clear. Many residents will feel included, daring to go out, shop in stores and enjoy their time in the city.

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to the end Thank you so much to all the citizens who are so kind when we ask for help from those we cannot see, whether it is crossing the street or using a dark elevator or dangerous stairs. You make navigating public spaces less dangerous and stressful.

Dalila Awolowo

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