Is this the most beautiful electric car of all time?

Is this the most beautiful electric car of all time?

Hyundai owns a luxury brand in the United States called Genesis.

It borrows from BMW and Porsche, but ends up with something unique

The company built a concept called the X Speedium Coupe and it’s one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen. Will it be in the market? Probably not (although automakers have turned concepts into reality before).

Hyundai says that it is primarily inspiration that is important to take advantage of this project – and then perhaps elements of this will appear in future models.

This isn’t a show car — it’s a look at our design processes as we explore ideas for the next wave of electric vehicles, incorporating Genesis’ DNA.

Luc Dunkerock, Creative Director, Genesis

About the design, Hyundai wrote a PR text full of PR jargon, but we agree that the design is neat:

“The concept’s metallic emerald green shade is referred to as the ‘enge green’. As would be expected of a car inspired by a Korean racetrack, the colors are drawn from the mountainous landscapes where the track is located, the final touch to a classic car that embodies dynamism, speed and timeless elegance.”

We really wonder about the numbers with such an interior

The car is a much more sports car inside than we ever imagined. We might have thought this was more of a Mercedes limousine, but now it looks like you’re betting very Athlete.

Unfortunately, there are no numbers available for either or the other. The rear is very reminiscent of a Porsche, while the front is more cautious in expressing itself, but at the same time it will be well known to Americans. It is also possible to take a look at the inspiration from Jaguar.

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Most recently, Hyundai has revealed the interior of the X Speedium Coupe.

Linked to the Genesis brand is the GV70, a luxury SUV that will launch in the US later this year and be one of the first electric vehicles from the company to be produced in Alabama.

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