Is this the most extreme Minecraft innovation ever?

Is this the most extreme Minecraft innovation ever?

Never underestimate a nerd’s ability to do something no one thought possible – and then take the project to new, unimaginable heights.

We’ve talked about this before, whether it applies now Teens making CPUs in the garageAnd the The coolest LEGO machinesAnd the Homemade cruise missilesAnd the Homemade nuclear reactor or To run Doom on all kinds of weird stuff.

This time it is Maine Craft reviewed, and this particular project was Price who wrote about it first.

The game that was first conceived Marcus “Notch” Pearson In 2009, it is the best-selling game in the world and allows players to build and demolish structures made of cubes.

Some of these cubes can be combined with other cubes so that together they become a logic gate. They can be made in different designs that do different things, so you suddenly have the basic elements of a computer.

Various logic gates that can be crafted in Minecraft. Photo: Gamepedia

A cumbersome and complex computer should be handcrafted and completely devoid of any utility whatsoever.

So of course someone made one.

In fact, there were many who contributed everything from simple calculators and above. But no one has pushed it further than the user who calls it “Sammyuri”.

CHUNGUS 2 can run Tetris – among other things. Photo: Sammyuri

A year ago, he built the project called “CHUNGUS 2: Electric Boogaloo”. This is a fully functional 8-bit processor with 256 bytes of memory that can run inside Minecraft. Admittedly, it’s not faster than around 1 Hz, but it’s still impressive, especially considering that it can be expanded with more memory, display, console, graphics processor, and external storage.

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Here you watch a video that shows “CHUNGUS 2” charting and running Conway’s game of life, as well as games like Snake, Tetris, Match 3 and Breakout.

The video also shows how complicated and difficult “CHUNGUS 2” actually is – and that the man behind it also created an external assembler that allows people to write their programs in the real world and then simply paste them into the memory of the “CHUNGUS 2” system.

But the real geeks obviously don’t stop there anyway.

Although “CHUNGUS 2” was so slow that the games in the video had to run a few hundred – or thousands – faster than they actually are, there was of course someone who wanted to move the project forward.

In addition to Sammyuri himself, he helped many other people, and together they expanded “CHUNGUS 2” in several ways:

  • 256 bytes of additional memory
  • 8 KB extra storage space
  • Added 6 KB of graphics memory
  • discrete graphics processor
  • Larger screen 96 x 64 pixels in two colors
  • PS4 console style controls have been added
  • Hardware accelerators have also been added

All this means that Minecraft can be played on “CHUNGUS 2” – the device that runs the entirety of Minecraft.

Minecraft reception? Photo: Sammyuri

This is without modifications or other forms of “cheating” such as command blocks, tricks or other changes.

It’s anything but fast, admittedly, but it still is.

The world is only 8x8x8 blocks, and the video should have played up to a million times faster than it could initially play “CHUNGUS 2”. To achieve this, the team used a different server that allows Minecraft to run several times faster than usual, however, it took nine hours to create these small videos:

But the fact remains that it works.

The natural question now, of course, is: What happens next?

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