– It was a crisis for me – VG

- It was a crisis for me - VG
Removed: Over 220,000 followers who haven’t seen Maren Turmo (22) on Instagram in a while. The company says that the influencer’s account was lost in error.

Influencer Marine Turmo, 22, has been banned from Instagram for more than three months. Now the company says an error has occurred.


The influencer says that her career is built on Instagram and that she was shocked when she didn’t suddenly enter her account. With over 220,000 followers.

– Everything suddenly disappeared. It’s been a crisis for me,” Maren Turmo, 22, tells VG.

Before the summer when she was going to log into Instagram, she received a message that the account had been deactivated.

– There was nothing about why and I didn’t get any response when I called. It’s incredibly weird when something I’ve been working on this year for so many years suddenly disappears. There is also no one in customer service to answer why. He says quite a bit about how much power they have when they block someone without giving any explanation.

Turmo says it has submitted several account recovery forms, to no avail.

Disabled: This was the message that appeared when 22-year-old Maren Tormo tried to log in. She told VG she filled out the steps to get a “1000 times” review.

was wrong

Facebook, which owns Instagram, says the 22-year-old’s account has been deactivated due to an error on the company’s part. After VG contacted them on Wednesday night, the account was restored on Thursday.

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Account improperly deactivated, but now restored due to no violation of guidelines, says Lukasz Lindell at Facebook for VG.

He is the Corporate Communications Manager for the North Region. Lindell says Instagram uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human judgment to ensure that content posted is within the app’s guidelines.

– We know machines and people aren’t perfect, which is why our app sometimes works on content that shouldn’t have been acted upon. We are constantly improving the Quick Help capabilities in our Help Center, as well as further developing our systems to be more accurate in the future.

– misses things

Tormo criticizes the fact that she received no explanation when the account “disappeared” and that she received no response from the company when she herself submitted forms in the app to recover the account.

She’s glad she’s back on the account she’s been without for several months.

Did you miss any cooperation or work when the account was lost?

You miss things when you’re not active. Sponsors come in constantly and it’s totally out of the question that I get something when the account is deactivated. Those who come to it now are on a completely different scale. It’s scary how much power they have without it being possible to contact them.

In 2018, the influencer told that she dropped out of school at Third grade in high school among others to become a full-time influencer. Later, she said there was more reasons for its withdrawal.

Turmo has more followers on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Regarding the launch of the TV series “The Influencers,” Tormo said she has a conscious relationship with how she uses various platforms. Upon launching the series, she was introduced as the “Queen of Fitness on Snapchat with 600,000 followers”.

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