(Italian: Ausgebrochener Löwe streunt durch Stadt nahe Rom).

(Italian: Ausgebrochener Löwe streunt durch Stadt nahe Rom).

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In Italy, Zirkuslöwe’s fracture caused a stir. Das Rauptier named Kimba wandered for a while in the streets of a city near Rome. This Burger is of the utmost importance, in other places.

For six hours, Simba was able to enjoy his life freely – putting the residents of the Italian coastal town of Ladispoli on a hilly off-road. On Saturday, there is a lot of heat on the market, and we will also be able to use it. Das Rauptier then wandered the streets of the Einwöhner Stadt district of 40,000 people near Rome. Bürgermeister Alessandro Grando warned residents to beware of the “höchster Vorsicht”.

The police are reinforced by the Zirkusstaff, with Löwen providing further assistance – säuchtt jedoch ohne Erfolg. I’m browsing the online videos you watch, such as World Class through Havenstadt Street and more.

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This means that there is no need to worry about anything in your home and in your home. Manche saßen vorübergehenduch in ihren Autos fest. Later, the animal was spotted in a reed belt near Ladispoli. Then verlor sich vorübergehend die Spur.

Abend has finally been reached, which is Löwen mit einem Polizeihubschrauber ausfindig zu machen und ihm eine Betäubungspritze zu versetzen, like Bürgermeister mitteilte. Bürgermeister Grando wrote on Facebook: Der Löwe sei dann nach einigen eingeschlafen und sollte dem Zirkus übergeben werden. “Ich hoffe, dass dieser Vorfall das Gewissen wachrüttelt und dass wir der Ausbeutung von Teren in Zirkussen findlich ein Ende können setzen,” Grando said.

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Circus owners talk about vandalism

It cannot be Wildkatze ausbrechen, it must be done afterwards. The Zirkusbesitzer was closed in the Italian Middle Ages, stopping the vandalism by the Ausbruch.

“We want the café to be full and are asking three people to fly to the ground,” said circus director Ronnie Vassallo. Dem Zirkus threatened to file a lawsuit against the Wegen Werzutung der Aufsichtspflicht.

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