Jeff Bezos dismisses fears of artificial intelligence and envisions space colonies with a trillion people

Jeff Bezos dismisses fears of artificial intelligence and envisions space colonies with a trillion people

During an interview on Lex Friedman’s podcast, Jeff Bezos dismissed the risks of AI and believes AI will do more good than harm. The former Amazon chief also says he believes humanity will exceed a trillion and live in large, cylindrical space stations in the future, MarketWatch writes.

-I would like to see a trillion people living in the solar system. Bezos says: If we had a trillion people, at any given time we would have 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins.

You want space colonies

The only way to reach this vision is through giant space stations. He adds that the surfaces of the planets are very small.

Bezos envisions humans living in O’Neill space colonies near Earth, built with raw materials from the Moon and objects found in the asteroid belt. The concept of O’Neill’s colonies was developed by science fiction author Gerard K. O’Neill as a solution to the problem of habitable environments in space. Designed as two cylinders rotating around an axis, the space stations will provide an artificial Earth-like environment and use rotation to simulate gravity.

Bezos also rejects the idea that humans should colonize other planets, and believes that building space colonies is the only way to achieve strong population growth. According to the billionaire, people living in space will be able to visit Earth on vacation.

Such as artificial intelligence

During the interview, the Amazon founder expressed optimism about artificial intelligence, despite warnings that it could be extremely dangerous and disruptive, MarketWatch wrote.

“Even in the face of all this uncertainty, my view is that these powerful tools are more likely to help and save us than even to harm and destroy us,” he says.

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According to the owner of the Washington Post, artificial intelligence has the potential to help humanity develop better medicines and better tools to develop more technologies, which can ensure humanity’s long-term survival.

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