Jennie Sofie Lie Pickl and Tarjei Svalastog not live together during Skal vi danse

Jennie Sofie Lie Pickl and Tarjei Svalastog not live together during Skal vi danse

Saturday was the premiere of Autumn’s big dance adventure, Shall We Dance, and one of the couples who swayed in front of the audience was Tarje Svalastog (24) and artist Ulrike Brandstorp (28).

Partner of professional dancer Jenny Sophie Lee Pickle, 22, sat in the stands and cheered, and when they ran into Dagbladet together after the broadcast, she made no secret of how proud she was of her boyfriend.

TV 2 is vague about the “demands”: – internal

– This is very beautiful. You fall in love this way again When you see the person you’re with doing something they can do well It’s attractive He smiled at me peckingly.

And in May last year, it became known that the couple had taken their relationship a step further, buying an apartment in Nessodden and moving in together. The couple said that now cohabitation is not the focus.

press: Alexandra Jonner is the favorite in this year’s Shall We Dance. This is her opinion of her favorite character. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Ken Walsh.
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“We don’t live together much now,” Pickel chuckled to me, before Svalastug explained that he had an apartment in the capital for Shall We Dance.

– So now I’m a person who commutes between Oslo and Nesöden several times a week! said the 22-year-old.

Autumn, with dance training, broadcasting and all that that entails, quickly gets busy, but:

Warning: - Dangerous competitor

Warning: – Dangerous competitor

“I try to make as much time as possible,” said Svalastog, before Bickle shot me.

– No, you can’t have too much time, but when he has time – I should be free.

tears: Jan Thomas was moved when he saw his Harlem girlfriend perform “Shall We Dance.” Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Ken Walsh
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However, it turns out that although it is difficult to find time for each other, the partner would like Svalastog to focus more than anything else on “shall we dance” – and indicated that he has her full support.

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“I’ll try to be a good friend when I can, that should be the goal for this fall,” Svalastug smiled.

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