Kiwi Store | Kiwi pricing errors: – It’s confusing

Kiwi Store |  Kiwi pricing errors: – It’s confusing

The famous marzipan sausage was priced at $37.40 on the sticker in a Kiwi store at the time The newspaper online Check prices on Wednesday at 8.

But at checkout the price was much lower: 28.90. This means that The price on the sticker was about 30 percent too high.

– This is contradictory. It contributes to confusion, says “Gjerrigknarken” (Ron Nicolaysen). He is an above average blogger who is interested in good deals.

But it is especially good offers that can be missed if the price stickers contain an error and the price is too high.

– It’s nice to get a surprise at the till, but… I expect the prices to be correct in the store. I think most people do too, he says.

Many mistakes

This was also the case with many of the other items examined. Many of them priced the sticker very high:

  • Gingerbread: 5.3 percent due to an increase in its price.
  • Hammer & Lillehammer Christmas soda in a glass bottle with sugar: a very high price of 14.4 percent.
  • Hammer and Lillehammer Christmas soda in a glass bottle without sugar; 15.5 percent price increase.
  • Marzipan Christmas piglet: a very high price of 31.8 percent.

Nettavisen examined the prices of 12 items, six of which only had price information on a paper label in Kiwi. Others had digital price tags.

You can also find paper labels in Rema 1000 and Extra stores. But in this random scan, only digital price tags on items in these stores were examined. The exception was the clementines at Rema 1000, but here the price sticker was right.

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– Hectic

– We are going through a very busy period in our stores with frequent price changes, merchandise that needs to be replenished and many customers to serve, Kiwi Communications Director Kristine Arvin tells Nettavisen.

Our 13,600 employees make a great effort to put the correct price labels on all goods at all times, she says.

Gjerrig addict Ron Nicolaysen believes the chains should take action.

-I feel sorry for the staff now in the lead up to Christmas which is passing so quickly. But he says chains should take steps to avoid that.

He believes the chains must find some new systems or they will have to hire more people.

Some stores have scanners so that the customer can scan the goods himself and then get the price in the scanner. Maybe it should be more people?

– It must be true

The Norwegian Consumer Authority is very clear about the importance of getting the prices right.

– The price information regulations entail that merchants must disclose the selling price of a product so that prices can be easily seen, the deputy director of the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority tells Nettavisen. She is speaking on a general basis.

The selling price must be clearly stated on the item or in the immediate vicinity, she says.

Prices must be reliable.

– She says the prices must be correct.

– naturally!

According to Arvin in Kiwi, there are several price changes now.

Now before Christmas, there can be thousands of price changes every day, and in many cases several changes to the same product within a short period of time, she says.

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She says they are updating the labels as quickly as possible.

“Clients can be confident that we are doing our best,” she says.

– Of course, it is important for us that the prices on the labels match, so that the customer knows what he has to pay, says Kiwi’s Communications Director.

Price stickers in kiwi

Six out of 12 items checked at Kiwi had the price only stated on a paper sticker, not a digital price tag.

purpose On the label When you go out The price difference
Hamarl. Christmas soda with sugar, glass bottle, 0.33 litres 15.9 13.9 2
Hamar and L. julibrus sugar, glass bottle, 0.33 litres 14.9 12.9 2
Little Christmas Pig, 60g 24.9 18.9 6
Marzipan sausage 5 pieces, 110 grams 37.4 28.9 8.5
Gingerbread, Bertha 9.9 9.4 0.5
Clementine, bulk weight, per kilogram 19.9 19.9 0
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