Kjetil Rekdal, Rosenborg | RBK profiles react to Rekdal’s anger: – Not nice

Kjetil Rekdal, Rosenborg |  RBK profiles react to Rekdal’s anger: – Not nice

– Trondheim (Netaviesen): In connection with Saturday’s international, the former Rosenborg coach appeared in the studio at VGTV. Less than a day earlier, Rekdal had been fired as coach at Lerkendal after which he opened up to the enormous pressure from his surroundings.

– You never know until you stand in it. I think I have over 600 missed calls from yesterday, close to a thousand text messages. These are huge numbers. There was a mailbox and an answering machine, which contained various items, Rickdahl told the newspaper.

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When asked what it was about, the 54-year-old didn’t want to go into detail other than to stress that “there are a lot of ugly things”.

– You can say so, Rekdal replied when asked if he had ever received threats.

– Simple and unsophisticated way to do it

On Monday, the RBK players gathered again to train for the first time after a short break. Under the leadership of Svein Maalen, it was clear that the team would now revert to the 4-3-3 formation that the people of Trondheim have been accustomed to throughout history.

After training, many of the club’s veterans took time to reflect on their recent hectic days. Captain Markus Henriksen collaborated closely with Rekdal and his assistant Geir Frigård during their time at the club.

– I think it’s generally a simple and uncomplicated way to do it. It’s nice to have opinions and can think about different things, Henriksen tells Nettavisen, but I don’t think anything is straightforward like that.

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– Kjetil is a tough guy and he’s been in the game for a long time, but there’s no doubt that when there’s a lot of it, it’s not fun, he continues.

The 30-year-old speaks of a good relationship with the former coach duo, whom he refers to as “talented”.

– There are two amazing people who really went into skin and hair to make it happen. Unfortunately, this year it turned out that the performance and results were not good enough. Then the club chose to do what they did. We and I as a group of players have nothing to say about them.

– It’s sad and a little sad when they leave, and then we have to roll up our sleeves and start thinking in new ways. This is the case in this industry.

Surprising and sad

Erlend Dal Reiten recounts a busy day when the news broke on Friday.

– It was a little ‘Texas’, of course, and a lot of people would get to know you in a short time, and then we weren’t allowed to say anything, he tells Netavisen.

He believes it was “surprising” and “sad” that the coach had to leave. He brags about his former bosses.

– Kjetil and Geir are two very nice people and skilled instructors with whom we have worked closely for a long time. It’s weird not having someone with you anymore, but that’s football and we understand that too. When results and performance are so poor, there is always a risk that the board will run things over. We always support the club’s decision and wish Kegitil and Geer all the best for the future.

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One thing Dahl Reitan doesn’t like, however, is the harassment Rekdal is said to have received.

– I think it’s very sad.


– I tried to say it a little bit in previous interviews, that people should think twice before agitating and sending bad messages. I think it’s easy for people to forget that there are people inside the TV screen who are always doing their best.

– Even if you don’t succeed, you shouldn’t be kicked out of town. Independent of Kjetil, the defender says, I think it’s more general that footballers and coaches are exposed a little bit because of social media and the media.

Rekdal told VG that he wasn’t afraid, but he thought about it.

– It is a society that is developing a bit in this direction. It’s not good, of course, but it’s part of being in the spotlight. Many people care about you and have opinions about you. I’ve been used to it since I was very young, said Rykdal.

Dahl Raytan concludes with a clear message.

– It’s just to encourage people to think twice, then I can assure everyone that Kjetil and Geir have done their best 24/7 for a year and a half to make Rosenborg the best it can be. It’s sad, he concludes, but that’s the way it is.

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