Low pressure on guest visits – smp.no/nyheter – News from Ålesund, Sonmore and Northwest Norway.

Low pressure on guest visits - smp.no/nyheter - News from Ålesund, Sonmore and Northwest Norway.

Anne Solveig Andersen, a meteorologist on duty at Vervarslinga in western Norway, confirms that rain and stronger winds are expected in northwest Norway on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s a low autumnal pressure behind it, but the angrier part of it misses our zone and hits Trondelag and Helgeland instead. For these areas, a yellow hazard warning of heavy rain has been issued from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute wrote on Twitter.

The warning states that “locally, it can reach between 50 and 80 mm in size within 24 hours.”

On Monday, it was considered whether the danger should also be declared in the northern parts of Moore og Romsdal.

For Sunnmøre and Nordfjord, there will be somewhat less rain.


– There will be many winds. And it rained. Andersen assures it will be completely hydrated.

Specifically, it concerns the winds from the southwest, which gradually increase on Tuesday. It can gradually become severe to strong winds during the day and thus some rain in the form of rain, first along the coast.

During Tuesday evening, the winds shift to the northwest, then the wind strength decreases. But the winds are now making landfall, and precipitation will also move inland in northwest Norway on Wednesday. Towards Thursday, the low pressure continues the journey. And then, according to meteorologists, good weather awaits you here in our region.

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