Lucid Air – Confirms New Range Record

Lucid Air - Confirms New Range Record

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(Elbil24): Lucid Motors has long been described as one of Tesla’s biggest competitors, with a number of patented solutions, services and comparable prices.

However, the American company currently has only one car in the portfolio, the Lucid Air – which will be immediately available in Air Pure, Air Touring and Air Grand Touring versions.

11,000 orders

The car, which was supposed to be on the market last year, has been badly delayed – thanks to the pandemic. But regarding the company’s listing earlier this week, Lucid Motors has now confirmed that the first cars will be rolled out to US customers during the fall.

According to the company, up to 11,000 customers have paid to reserve a copy of the vehicle.

Of course, Norway is also on Lucid’s map, and the company says it aims to deliver the first copies in Norway during the first half of 2022.

Photos from the outside / interior (the article continues)

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Here we are talking about at least elementary services such as luxurious exterior and interior design. The manufacturer itself refers to the Air as the fastest electric car, with the longest range and fastest charging – in the world. The top version is equipped with two electric motors that together deliver 1080 horsepower, and 0-100 should be done in 2.5 seconds.

If you opt for the Grand Touring version, you get a 130 kWh battery. The range of this has been confirmed to be 832 kilometers (520 miles), measured according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict measurement method. It is known to be tougher than wltp method, which is standard in Europe.

That’s how it hits Mercedes-Benz EQS, which has a length of 780 kilometers (WLTP), has preliminary progress in the battle for access.

The car will also support fast charging up to 300 kW. It’s also more than any other car on the market, but it requires a voltage of 900 volts, which you don’t currently get on any fast charger in this country.

Produced in the USA

Lucid Air is produced at the company’s plant in Arizona and quality checks are now carried out prior to delivery to customers. Prices start at $77,400 in the United States, which is equivalent to 676,000 kroner at today’s exchange rate.

If you want the Grand Touring version with the longest range, we’re talking about $131,500, or NOK 1.15 million.

However, it is not known what prices will be here at home yet, but it costs between 2700 and 8900 kroner. To reserve a copyDepending on the type of equipment you choose.

Elbil24 will get back to you with more details once we receive them.

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