– Makes me angry – VG

- Makes me angry - VG
Protesters: Thousands turned out at Foley Square in New York City.

Manhattan (VG) For a month, Texas was not allowed to have an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. Now women are fleeing to neighboring countries for help, and thousands are taking to the streets to fight the new law.

“What’s happening in Texas makes me angry at my daughter and at me as a woman,” says Jenny Fine, holding a sign that says “We have a right to be heard” — we have a right to be heard in Norwegian.

Just over a month ago, Texas introduced the strictest abortion laws in the United States.

Abortion after the sixth week is prohibited – referred to as the “heartbeat law” by advocates.

“taken from us”

Texas law allows private people, such as neighbors and acquaintances, to sue women who perform abortions, as well as doctors and clinics that perform abortions.

There are no exceptions to the legislation in the case of rape or incest.

background: This means the new abortion law in Texas

“Rights have been taken from us,” Fine tells VG as audiences shout “Abortion rights are human rights.”

The 1973 US Supreme Court ruling, in which a woman named Norma McCorvey—also called “Roe”—sought in a court against the State of Texas because she was denied an abortion is closely related.

Roy won, and the ruling has long served as evidence when states over the years have tried to make abortion illegal.

She fought for decades: Joyce Gould says she has been fighting for women’s rights since the 1970s.

But this time Elected Supreme Court of the United States, Which after President Donald Trump has a conservative majority, to not block the law.

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The court maintains that it has not made a final decision on whether Texas law is in line with the United States Constitution.

“I’ve fought for this since the early 1970s, and since then we haven’t moved forward,” says Joyce Gould, unfurling the “Save Roe” banner — an apparent reference to the 1973 ruling.

She points to what she believes is a sign of the imbalance of power between the sexes in the United States, and that the abortion law is an example of the desire to control women.

The argument of conservatives who support austerity measures is often that it is the life and rights of the fetus that must be protected.

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Since the law was introduced in Texas, abortion clinics have seen in neighboring states like Louisiana and Oklahoma Sharp increase in women who are fleeing Texas to get the help they need.

Marva Sadler, director of an abortion clinic in Texas, told the New York Times that she believes many women do not have the opportunity to cross state lines:

– I think the majority of women are doomed to be fathers, she tells the newspaper.

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From Texas: Natalie Griffin (right) with her friend Alex.

In Foley Square in Manhattan, Natalie Griffin and her friend Alex fly two signs in the air. The Griffin brand says, “Texas, it does better. Keep abortions safe and legal.”

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She herself is from Texas, and she has friends in her state who are posing today.

“I stand here today in solidarity with women who have miscarried, or want to have an abortion,” says Griffin.

Soon after the law was introduced, it became known that The US Department of Justice is suing TexasJustice Minister Merrick Garland said the law “clearly violates the Constitution”.

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Final verdict on whether Roe vs. Wade will be converted, and is not expected until next spring, NTB writes.

Recent opinion polls show that Americans oppose reversal by a two-to-one margin. The majority of the population also supports allowing people to have abortions in cases where the woman has been raped or when her health is threatened.

All women should have the opportunity to have an abortion if they wish. The fact that the United States doesn’t have the opportunity to do this is absolutely insane, says Alex Smith, shouting “If you don’t have a uterus, don’t make my laws.”

Alex Smith
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