Manager: – These shares will be common shares in the future

Manager: - These shares will be common shares in the future

Michael Lucas, director and CEO of TrueMark Investments, believes investors need to go beyond the big names in the tech sector.

– Our job is to find winners in the growth-stage sector who in a few years will be people’s favorite, says Lucas Market Watch.

The TrueShares fund managed by Loukas includes these stocks:


The company works with automation software for companies that don’t code themselves. They will make everyday tasks easier.

– I think it is a shining example of the use of artificial intelligence. Lucas says it will affect the future much more than office and cyber security.

Unity Software and Roblox

The director describes the company as a leader in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (augmented reality – AR). Roblox works instantly and is also in the box.

The unit stands out in that it is spread across different industries: construction, architecture and medicine. So their technology is already starting to get into everyday use.

CrowdStrike and Zscaler

Data security is another sector that Lucas thinks investors should investigate. CrowdStrike works more with individuals, while Zscaler targets businesses.

The point is, they are both good companies with strong core personalities, says the manager.

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