Maren Lundby Takes ‘Name of the Year’ – Using Award as Motivation to Come Back – VG

Maren Lundby Takes 'Name of the Year' - Using Award as Motivation to Come Back - VG
Award winning: Maren Lundby thanks everyone who voted for her.

Snowboarder Marin Lundby has won the Sports Gala’s ‘Name of the Year’ award – and she promises to be motivated to return to the ski jump.


To run away with this prize is almost a bit ridiculous. I just want to thank everyone who voted for me, and then I’ll try to achieve something similar to what the others have achieved. This was really big. I’ll use it more to motivate myself and come back, says Lundby in his thank-you letter.

The “Name of the Year” is awarded to the athlete who has received the most votes in the population.

– I was so surprised. Very strong candidates have been appointed. It is totally unique. I just want to say a big thank you to the people who voted for me at that company out there, Lundby tells VG.

– What do you think touch people?

I think I focused my attention on a topic that a lot of people think they should focus on. I get the impression that people appreciate openness. I say things as they are.

Karsten Warholm won “Athlete of the Year” after his record year, and it’s full of praise for VG for the twin that won Name of the Year.

– I congratulated her and said it was very good that she was using her difficult position to do something that might be more than her slightly selfish goal of athletic performance. She won the “Name of the Year” and the people voted for her. They realize that this is very important. It’s great, says Sonmoringen – who also gave a good sense of humor about his award-winning coach:

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Lundby made a name for itself in several regions in 2021.

At WC in Oberstdorf, she won the gold on the big hill, a race that was herself the driving force for the World Championships.

Besides the Olympic gold medal, that’s the biggest thing I’ve ever experienced as an athlete. It was great to win the race I fought for. “I hope people will also view me as an athlete, and not only associate me with equality and weight,” Lundby says.

Later, it became known that she would take part in the popular TV show “Skal vi danse”, where she quickly became a favorite of viewers.

Then it caused real shockwaves among the population when it was announced in tears that it would lose the Winter Olympics. The reason is that it has not been able to meet the “extreme demands” associated with weight in the sport of jumping.

I think a lot of people have ideas that you like to think you are alone about. I think it’s a lot easier when someone at the top is talking about it. I think many young people find this difficult, says Lundby of being open about the weight problem.

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She hasn’t made a single ski jump since landing the gold medal at Oberstdorf. It also has no plans for cliff jumping training this winter. Everything is geared towards next season.

“These days, we’re making a plan that I hope will bring me back to Earth next winter,” Lundby says critically.

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