Markus and Martinus were disappointed with the Norwegian commentators at Eurovision

Markus and Martinus were disappointed with the Norwegian commentators at Eurovision

Photo: Antti Emo Koivisto/Lehtikova

– We have crossed the line, say the twin brothers who represent Sweden during this year's Eurovision contest.

Markus Gunnarsen (22) and Martinus Gunnarsen (22) have been branded traitors and traitors to the country because they represent Sweden at Eurovision.

– For example, we're called the Fishling Brothers and things like that. We think we've crossed the line, says Marcus Gunnarsson in the duo Marcus & Martinus Aftenposten.

The comment they are referring to was written by Ralf Lövstad in Dagbladet.

Opens Announcing the artists' song “Don't Forget” With: “And now: The Coy Brothers…, sorry, Marcus and Martinus.”

– It's ugly, says Martinus.

Lofstad told Aftenposten that it was meant to be humorous, and that he noticed that not everyone liked the joke.

Photo: Gisel Odstad/VG

KK editor Ingeborg Hildahl also says the twins “let us down in the worst way” on the NRK show “Adresse Malmö”.

Ingeborg Hildahl writes in a short text message to newspaper Aftenposten that the comment was made by him with a twinkle in his eyes. “I don't want them to be really upset. After all, we're the ones who kicked the brothers out!”

VG has made contact with both Heldal and Lofstad without success so far.

Although the Gunnarsen brothers are representing the neighboring country this year, they want to represent Norway at some point in the future.

– Of course we want that. It's our home,” says Marcus.

This is what Marcus and Martinus are most asked about on the red carpet before Eurovision in Malmö:

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