Marna Hugen: – About the friend:

Marna Hugen: – About the friend:

In mid-June, influencer and current “blogger” Marna Haugen (42) revealed that she had found happiness again after her split from comedian Organ Boru (49).

However, in retrospect, she was nervous about her new flame. When Se og Hør interviewed her on Wednesday, she reveals why.

- I fought

– I fought

“secret” lover

– I understand that divorce, dating, and a romantic life are exciting. It’s what sells and I just have to deal with it as best I can, she says, continuing:

– But I have a friend, and he is an ordinary person.

Haugen finds it sweet that his girlfriend doesn’t want to be a part of the nefarious spotlight and points out that privacy is important.

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She could also reveal that the couple has yet to take any new steps in their relationship, and that they won’t be doing so anytime soon. The 42-year-old says she will renovate the kitchen in her home, but she and her boyfriend will not live together.

We’re “just” lovers, it’s really cute. Hence, it is very good to take it easy, yes, you say, and add:

– Now I’m settled in my house and I know how I want it. She’ll let Handy-Marna live her life, she jokes.

Comment on the new relationship of the former lover

Comment on the new relationship of the former lover

Moreover, the profile of “bloggers” indicates that lately, in addition to spending quality time with her new chosen one, she has been focusing on taking care of herself.

– It’s adult points. I haven’t been doing much lately, but I’ve generally been better at being with friends and taking care of good relationships. Then I got a “normal” job, it was really important, as you say.

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I took action

In April, it was announced that she had become the Director of Marketing for Wowbrow Cosmetics.

– It’s about what I’m going to do for the rest of my life, then. Even though I live off of social media now, I have to think a little more mature in the future. I started to take responsibility for my future and think about it more maturely. It’s a little boring, but…

Show new life

Show new life

– No, there are many adults who also have influence. My audience grows with me, and we grow together, she adds.

According to Haugen, there is also another step she has taken to get better. Among other things, not being logged in around the clock.

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– I’ve gotten a lot better at not being logged in all the time, and that’s something I’ve been actively working on. But it’s also important to connect with yourself and not just be motivated by the things you see. It’s important to have a healthy balance, but she admits that.

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