Marty Stockstad reveals accidents on the road:

Marty Stockstad reveals accidents on the road:

It is important to follow them when driving. Marte Stokstad (45), NRK presenter and Eurovision commentator, learned this the hard way, after driving off the road.

Aborting dogs: - They are half-brothers

Aborting dogs: – They are half-brothers

In a video on Instagram, Stockstad revealed that she missed the driveway and thus ended up in the ditch.

“I saw a cat and lost the driveway,” she wrote above the video.

I shared the post last week, and that was it The newspaper online Who mentioned this issue for the first time.

In front of the newspaper, the broadcaster explains that she spotted a cat that she thought was behaving strangely.

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This caused Stokstad to lose focus on the road, hence the accident.

– I was so impressed I swerved on autopilot, and then I simply missed the lane and ended up in the ditch, laughed to Netavisin.

Moreover, she can reassure herself that everything went well, and that neither she nor the car suffered any damage.

-Put a stick inside me

-Put a stick inside me

“There was just a little bit of mud underneath,” says the 45-year-old.

Her friend Johannes Lund had to come and help her out of the trench. Stokstad continues, saying that neither he nor the children were surprised by what happened.

However, many believe that Stockstad went out of her way to “save” the cat, which she herself admits is not entirely true.

Vendela Kirsebom talks about the car accident. Video: Lina Heikli.
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– There are certainly many people who have saved the lives of cats by driving into the ditch. Now it seems as if I also drove into the ditch to save a cat’s life, but that’s not what I did.

In conclusion, Stockstad laughs and says it’s just a matter of losing her focus.

Stokstad did not respond to Se og Hør’s request for comment on the case.

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