Meri Brown on the relationship: – He’s not worth it

Meri Brown on the relationship: – He’s not worth it

It’s been a dramatic year for Sister Wives profiles. Kody Brown (54 years old) has been with four different women for several years. He was married to Robyn Brown (45 years old), Christine Brown (51 years old), Janelle Brown (54 years old), and Meri Brown (52 years old).

Over the course of several seasons, the five showed their unconventional lives in the series “Sister Wives,” and their polygamous existence seemed rosy.

The relationship is deteriorating: – She blocked me

This idyllic state was shattered when Kristen chose to leave Kody in late 2021. About a year later, news came out that Janelle also wanted to divorce the patriarch. Shortly after that, Meri was able to reveal that she was also divorcing Kody.

Drama: See photos from the new ‘Sister Wives’ There’s going to be drama here! Video: TLC
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– There is no hope

On Sunday’s episode of “Sister Wives,” Meri reflects on the relationship and says accordingly Really amazing They spent several months processing where they stand.

Family: Kody Brown with his four wives.  From left: Meri, Janelle, Kristin and Robyn.  Photo: Jerry Henkel/AP/NTB

Family: Kody Brown with his four wives. From left: Meri, Janelle, Kristin and Robyn. Photo: Jerry Henkel/AP/NTB
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– Cody told me that he would never have a relationship with me again, and that there was no hope. She says that will never happen.

Moreover, she explains, “It’s sad that he doesn’t see any value in three decades of history.”

Against the accusations: - Ridiculous

Against the accusations: – Ridiculous

– Take him to hell, he doesn’t deserve it, Mary says and continues:

– It’s scary to think that it will be over forever. It really is. Because this is not what I wanted. I don’t want him to tell me he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me again… but here we are, she admits.

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Another wife

The episodes now being shown on screen were recorded in the spring and summer of 2022. In January, Meri and Kody revealed that they had also split. In other words, these events were recorded before the divorce became a reality.

Now Cody only has one wife left, Robyn, who was the last to marry into the previous extended family.

- evil

– evil

She stated in the new season that she does not feel completely stable in her relationship with Cody American magazine.

-I feel unstable. Cody is acting different. “I don’t feel settled with him,” she said.

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She also expressed that she never wanted to live in a monogamous relationship.

– It feels like this is where we’re headed more and more. IM angry. very angry.

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