Mick Brigden: – He made a grave for the dog. Died

Mick Brigden: - He made a grave for the dog.  Died

Last weekend wrote among others the people That Mick Brigden, better known as the Rolling Stones’ Tour Director, has passed away.

His family confirmed his death, and also said that he died after an accident at home. The brigade is 73 years old.

The deceased manager’s wife, Julia Dreyer-Brigden, said the accident occurred at the same time the husband had dug a hole to bury the family dog. The dog was sick for a long time.

The general is said to have been taken to the hospital, where he later died.

Wild and wonderful years

In the early 2000s, he began managing MJJ, with only guitarist Joe Satriani, who also toured with The Rolling Stones, in the stable.

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“It’s been 33 wild and amazing years of rock ‘n’ roll. After the sad news became known, I’ve never worked hard, never played hard, laughed and cried hard, made lots of music and had many world-class adventures like Mick by my side,” Satriani wrote on Twitter. .

Moreover, Brigden was described as honest, tough, warm, hardworking, respectful, persistent and understanding.

He continued, “I learned a lot from Mick how to be a good person.”

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The 73-year-old left behind his wife Julia, son Jack, step-daughter Jessica and granddaughter David Mears.

In addition to working with The Rolling Stones, Bridgen was also tour director for Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, among others.

Other than the fact that the accident occurred in the house while he was making a grave for the dog, it is unknown what kind of accident it was. TMZ He writes, however, that the hole collapsed over the 73-year-old when he was digging.

The family dog ​​died two days later.

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