Misunderstanding about the obligation to submit

Misunderstanding about the obligation to submit

Last week’s post about art in public shows that it’s important to have a discussion on this topic.

Bodil Friele is the leader of the Council for Art in Public Spaces (Kior) in the municipality of Bergen. The council rejected the “War Sailor” memorial by artist Vidar Bratlund-Mæland.
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    On behalf of the Council on Art in Public Spaces (Kior)

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On behalf of Council on Art in Public Space (CURE), I hope that there is an understanding through all the publications in the media about “Sea of ​​War” that the Council is an advisory body to the municipality of Bergen. Our only concern is to consider the works that come to our table, simply as a guarantee that our urban space will be decorated with high quality.

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its just It is unfortunate that in this case, a named artist is very exposed in the media image. This could have been avoided if the guidelines for art in public spaces had been followed.

This monument, which the initiators wanted to place in Solheimsviken as a tribute to war sailors during World War II, is the core of the battle.

It is given a The impression that the sculpture was intended to be on private land and therefore not subject to application. It’s a misunderstanding, and I reproduce a statement from the Urban Environment Agency: “Solheimsgaten property ownership with farm and use number 158/18. This is a private property that is organized into the yards. However this is a public area, and property-related measures are subject to application.”

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