Morten Thoresen talks about the Olympics, wrestling and the traitor

Morten Thoresen talks about the Olympics, wrestling and the traitor

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Lambertsetter (VG) I saw him crying this fall on TV. Although Morten Thoresen (26 years old) does not rule out more reality in the future, there is something completely different that will take up all his time in the next six months.


-I’m the type of person who has a lot of feelings. From the outside of the wrestling mat, I’m a completely different person with a ton of emotions.

This fall, Norwegian TV viewers were able to see the emotional side of wrestler Morten Thoresen in the role of “The Traitor” on TV 2.

Among other things, you could see the usually hard-nosed Bodoväring dissolving in tears after sending her best friend Björg Thorhalsdottir.

Watch the situation in the video window above.

In Detten: Morten Thoresen can still be seen on TV during the day, at the same time as he is training for the Olympic Games in his spare time.

– When I cried for Bjørg, it was completely real. When I saw that I had hurt other people, it was not within me as a person, it was real feelings, he says and concludes:

-You’re trapped in a bubble, seeing the same faces inside the same walls every day, and when there’s no recording, you’re “locked” in a hotel room. The traitor is brutally cruel. It’s ten times worse than people think.

The Budo wrestling giant has just gone through the first of countless sessions in the coming months as he sits down with VG.

The venue is Lambertseeter Breitklub. Here, Thoresen will go through a bloody ordeal that will hopefully culminate in him experiencing perhaps the biggest dream of his life next summer:

-I will do my best to secure one of the last places ParisParisThe French capital is the host city for next summer’s Olympic Games. . There will be massive amounts of training. At most up to six hours a day. It won’t be a normal Christmas this year, so to speak, says the 26-year-old.

In the Olympic Games, there are a total of 16 wrestlers who have had the opportunity to fight to become Olympic champions.

There are only five of these places left for Thoresen to win. Everything will be decided during two qualifying events in April and May.

His wrestling career has already left its mark on his body:

For Thoresen, participating in the Olympics has been the most rewarding thing in the world since he moved from Bodø to Oslo when he was 16 to focus fully on wrestling:

– Personally, reaching the Olympics means everything to me. I joke about this a lot, but I’m also not serious when I say that the day I go to the Olympics, I can smell it on my forehead.

In Bright-Norway, Thoresen has been a well-known name for many years, but to the common man, he became a household name primarily through the NRK series “Head in a Squeeze” and then TV 2 series “Forræder”. Face.

He doesn’t hide the fact that his reality TV success has helped him in his wrestling career, which can be very difficult to finance at times.

In a previous interview with TV 2, he said he would make more work at the Coop Chamber of Commerce rather than continue as a wrestler.

– Have real-life posts on this level helped you generate income through sponsors and others?

-It has definitely helped make my daily life easier. I won’t hide it.

– Do you think there will be more TV appearances in the future?

-Wrestling comes and will always come first, but if it fits into the training plan, being more realistic is definitely something I can see myself doing more in the future.


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