Moscow threatens America with failure: – Absolute despair

Moscow threatens America with failure: – Absolute despair

Maria Zakharova is photographed at the Russian Foreign Ministry in January 2024. Photograph: Alexander Zemlyanichenko/AP/NTB

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman believes that Ukraine could become a failure on a par with Vietnam and Afghanistan for the United States.

– This is wishful thinking from Moscow, Professor Emeritus and Russia expert Christian Gerner at Lund University tells VG.

– What do you mean?

Moscow hopes that Ukraine will be a defeat for the United States. I interpret this as pure desperation on Russia's part.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Sunday accused the United States of waging a hybrid war against Russia and using Ukrainians as “cannon fodder.”

Washington's deeper involvement in the hybrid war against Russia will end in a massive and humiliating failure for the United States, similar to what happened in 2013. Vietnam And Afghanistan, according to what official news agencies reported about Zakharova palm And Rhea.

Maria Zakharova with her President, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Photograph: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters/NTB

– Russia will give an unconditional and decisive answer, the spokeswoman continues, thus claiming that the United States has become more involved in the war in Ukraine after the House of Representatives approved on Saturday military aid to Ukraine worth $61 billion. It happened after months of tug-of-war and arguments.

The law now moves to the Senate for final consideration before ending up on President Joe Biden's desk for signature.

President Volodymyr Zelensky gave an interview to US television station NBC on Sunday. It is believed that the decision in Washington sends a “strong message” to Russia that the United States stands with Kiev.

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Volodymyr Zelensky visits the front in the Donetsk region last Friday. The photo was published by the President's press service. Photo: Bulletin/AFP/NTB

– Ukraine now has a chance to win, Zelensky continued.

He also says the long-awaited US aid package will send a signal that “Ukraine will not become another Afghanistan” and that it will stop Russia's plans for a “large-scale offensive.”

On the other hand, Maria Zakharova believes that Ukraine could become another failure for the United States.

This aid package is very important for Ukraine, and Moscow’s statements are desperate. When Putin ordered a large-scale invasion just over two years ago, he did not expect the United States and Europe to help Ukraine as they did. Now they once again believed that the United States was on its way out. That's why these statements were made, Professor Christian Gerner tells VG.

Moscow believed that Ukraine would fall within days or weeks. Now the war has continued for more than two years. The professor believes this is why the “schoolyard argument” emerged.

Zakharova believes that “the frantic attempt by the United States to save Zelensky's regime is doomed to failure.”

The objectives of the special operation will be achieved, according to the report palm – In reference to the official name that Russia gives to the war in Ukraine.

It also claims that the West's seizure of Russian assets abroad is “theft.”

The Ukrainians have faced difficulties in recent weeks, and according to Reuters, Russia now controls 18 percent of Ukraine.

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