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The inauguration of the Governor of the Central Bank is recent Bright out. The Ministry of Finance has appointed key hunters in the recruitment agency BackerSkeie to carry out the recruitment process.

Finally, Finance Minister Trickway Sloxvolt (SP) and the government make the decision.

– It is very “Stoltenberg-friendly”, Says Monica Fruseth Typeng, a key hunter in the Hermes executive search, about the announcement.

Hunting Leaders: Chief Hunter Monica Fruseth Dipeng is engaged in the search for candidates for jobs in finance and economics.

Photo: Hermes Administrator

The company specializes in finding candidates for jobs in finance and economics.

Dypeng thinks it is difficult to find other candidates who are relevant to the points in the call text about dealing with crises / emergencies, appearing as a coordinating leader and gaining leadership experience from complex organizations.

– As he says it can be hard to find someone who sits too high at the right weight level.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, Governor Austin Olson and Finance Minister Chikporn Johnson

Federal Government: Jens Stoltenberg talks with outgoing central bank governor Austin Olson and former finance minister Chikporn Johnson

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Change the notification

NRK compares Job advertisement for the post of Central Bank Governor in 2017 With this Notice that no.

In many areas, the Ministry of Finance has changed the text. That said, it’s not unnatural, says Gro Møllerstad, an experienced headhunter at Hodejegerne:

– He tells the NRK that it is completely natural that various demands are being put forward for the post of central bank governor now, more than in the past, and that Jens is completely independent of Stoltenberg.

But experts point to a number of interesting new formulas that seem to be most appropriate for NRK Stoltenberg:

In 2017, it said:

  • Requires solid knowledge of monetary policy, financial markets and asset management.

In 2021 it says:

  • Insights into national and international development trends and how these may affect the Norwegian economy and international capital markets.
  • Good understanding of key aspects of asset management.

In 2021, professional qualifications will be significantly reduced. The applicant no longer needs to have a firm knowledge of monetary policy, finance and asset management

The 2021 ad also includes requirements not met four years ago:

  • The ability to deal with demanding situations such as crises and emergencies is essential.
  • The governor will have professional authority and relevant leadership experience from complex organizations.
  • Extensive tenant experience.

In 2017, it was about the international experience:

  • The Governor should have a broad social orientation and a good understanding of the role of the Central Bank and the international economy.

In 2021 it says:

  • Insights into relevant national and international development trends

In 2021, college organizations will be specifically mentioned: “The experience of college organizations, e.g., governing with great responsibility is an advantage. Governments and large corporations can be examples of joint organizations.”

NRK contacted the Ministry of Finance, not wanting to explain why the text changed or who came up with these options.

Mork: The Ministry has decided

Knut Anton Mork, chief economist and economics professor who has been involved in questions and discussions about Norges Bank for years, believes the finance ministry has already made that decision.

– In fact, the notice is inappropriate. This gives the impression that the ministry is open to a variety of applicants, while someone in the finance ministry has already decided who is best qualified, Mork says.

The Committee Report on Shares in the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) was handed over to the Minister of Finance.

Positive: Nut Anton Mork, former chief economist and professor of economics, is positive about Stoltenberg

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

He cites his own experiences when applying for the post of Deputy Governor of the Central Bank.

– I was told I did not need to apply, Mork says.

Nevertheless, he gave his full support to Stoltenberg as central bank governor.

– But if the Petroleum Fund is to be in Norges Bank, I would like to see Jens Stoltenberg as Governor of the Central Bank. Professional weight then is not enough. There needs to be someone who can make amends for financial management under the leadership of Nikolai Tangan. And Mork concludes that the size of the fund and how important it is in the world is important to have someone with qualities beyond the professional.

The Governor is also the Chairman of the Board of the NBIM, also known as the Petroleum Fund.

Do not discard

Although Jens Stoltenberg has said he will return to Norway after taking over as NATO general secretary, he has not clarified whether he is applying for the governorship.

I Eat Interview with Viji He has not denied it since October:

– I saw speculation about it, but I’m not making a decision on it now.

Today he responded through his liaison adviser:

Stoltenberg still has his full focus on working at NATO. Very soon now he has nothing to say about what he will do when he returns home to Norway, communications consultant Sissell Cruz Larson writes in an SMS to the NRK.

Stoltenberg in its own division

Chief Hunter Crowe Mல்லllerstad has reviewed the call and rated it against Jens Stoltenberg’s qualifications. He places special emphasis on the need for a person who is well versed in public discourse.

Gro Møllerstad

Key Hunter: Crow Mர்llerstad considers Stoltenberg to be the most deserving of the advertised position.

Photo: Bendiksby, Terje / SCANPIX

– Jens Stoltenberg is in a completely separate category. Nowadays, a central bank governor has to deal with a media storm so that M நம்பிக்கைllerstad tells the NRK that confidence in Norges Bank will not be weakened.

He adds that the work text has been written to make Stoltenberg more relevant.

– There is no doubt that Stoltenberg is the best qualified person in terms of the announcement text. The question is whether the costs would be too high if there was a lot of noise surrounding his impartiality and contact with the Labor Party, Møllerstad says.

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Set in the shadow of Jens Stoltenberg

Splitting Sorting

In Sorting, the FRP has already decided that the former Labor leader, finance minister and prime minister will not get jobs.

– Stoltenberg is certainly qualified and he can do a good job, but his close ties with the Labor Party mean that he must be beyond question. Fiscal policy spokesman Roy Stephenson (Frp) says the time has come for leaders in the Labor Party to distribute important jobs and positions to those in the party book.

Roy Stephenson

Winning Number: Roy Stephenson at Frp

Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK

The Liberal Party also believes that while Labor is not having a formal role in appointing a new central bank governor, there is strong opposition to the Labor-led government appointing a former Labor leader as central bank governor.

– It is difficult to imagine a candidate for central bank governor who has stronger party politics or personal ties with the government than Jens Stoltenberg. Jonas Kahr Store, who said he was ineligible to take part in the case, is a good example of how close groups we are talking about, says Fiscal Policy Spokeswoman Sweeney Rotten (V).

Rotevatn Stoltenberg did not see it as completely excluded. But he asks the government to think twice and asks many rhetorical questions about how such an appointment would feel..

– For example, can anyone doubt that in determining the key policy ratio other than the oversight of the Norwegian economy was considered? Will foreign investors believe that the Petroleum Fund is not an extended arm of Norwegian foreign policy when the board chairman is an active party member in the Labor Party and a close friend of the prime minister?

Fear of special treatment

Rod, who has a significantly larger parliamentary group after the parliamentary elections this fall, fears that Stoltenberg will receive a different treatment than other candidates.

The party thinks Stoltenberg should first apply for the job and then be judged against other candidates according to objective criteria.

– Stoltenberg “Will be mentioned” by a public debate is the scent of special treatment, and may provide us with a process of not knowing why and how one of the most important positions in the country is assigned, says Mary Sneve, a monetary policy spokeswoman and aide. Martinusen (R).

To debate

Erna Solberg, the former prime minister and Conservative leader, did not say much about what she would think if Jens Stoltenberg applied for the job. But he wants to avoid a political debate over who should be the central bank governor.

– I think any kind of person should have that job and have a professional discussion about the independence of the bank, says NRK.

On the way to the annual banquet of Video Norges Bank

Together for dinner: Erna Solberg with the then Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg at the Norgas Bank’s annual dinner in 2012

Photo: News Player

He thinks lawyers, economists and those with knowledge of the market should provide input.

– Whether they think it will go well, or whether they think it will go well, Erna Solberg challenges them to respond.


SV is very reluctant, for example, to not have clear ideas.

– The appointment of the new Central Bank Governor is a matter of finance and I do not wish to comment on any candidate in the media during this process. Fiscal policy spokeswoman Gary Elizabeth Kasky (SV) told NRK that she expects the ministry to take care of the important oversight of independence in the appointment.

At the center, the party relies heavily on its own finance minister and party leader:

– As Governor of the Central Bank, on behalf of the representatives of the SP in the Finance Committee, Geir Pollestad responds that we are confident that the Government and the Minister of Finance will appoint a good and competent person for the most important task.

Application deadline is December 9

The application deadline is early December. The list of applicants will be public, but the name of the person receiving the job does not have to be on the list.

After the recruitment agency has done its job, the final decision will be made by the Ministry of Finance and the role of Finance Minister Drigway Sloxwold.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is already there Declared incompetent If his good friend Jens Stoltenberg applied for the job.

However, the role of Stoltenberg as the head of the red-green government must first get an application on the table and present it.

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