Never before: – insulting

Never before: - insulting

Eric Bothem, Patrick Berg, Ola Solbakken and Amal Pellegrino made sure that the Roma goalkeeper hit six shots from the net.

Jose Mourinho had to watch one of his teams concede six goals in a game for the first time in his career. During his 1,008 appearances as a coach, it had never happened before. This is only the third time in his career that he has lost by five goals.

– It’s a fashion for Mourinho and Roma. They were undressed and played for Aspmyra, first division expert Evin Brastad tells Dagbladet.

– This has to be one of the biggest losses of his career. Football expert Arne Che tells Dagbladet that it is an insult to Mourinho.

Mourinho did not want to talk much about the result of the press conference after the match.

– 6-1 or 5-1, it doesn’t matter. After 3-1, she lost the match. Mourinho told the press after the game, the best team won.

Frustrated: Jose Mourinho was just a spectator on the night of the Glimt party. Photo: NTB
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– insulting

Many may remember Mourinho’s humiliating 5-0 loss to Barcelona in November 2010. At that time as coach of Real Madrid. The expert describes the loss against Glimt as humiliating in a whole new way.

The Barcelona team they lost to was one of the best club teams of all time. You won’t find Messi, Xavi and Iniesta in the Glimt team, you will find Berg, Botheim and Solbach. They threw a ground battle. It is simply humiliating to lose with these numbers.

First Division expert Prastad immediately thought in his head as goals started pouring into Bodo.

The first thing I thought of was why Mourinho was appointed. He should be defensive in order. Tonight’s match is stark evidence that she has not improved, Brastad tells Dagbladet.

shock europe Bodo/Glimt toured Rome and won 6-1 at Bodo. Supporters outside Aspmera were ecstatic.
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Because of the reserves

Mourinho himself described it as a shocking result and blamed his second goal was not good enough.

– They have more quality than us. Their first team is much better than our second team. So this is my fault. I wanted to rest the players before the match against Napoli. Bodo/Glimt is a better team than mine today. Mourinho told Viasat 4.

This is not an explanation that Prastad would buy at all.

– There is no excuse. He was keen to point it out himself and took the opportunity to point out that his team is very weak. We’ve seen before that he likes to clear things up before the transition market opens, says the expert and continues:

– In the team he starts with, there are players who have played consistently in the first division. And there are plenty of players with qualities that they have to take responsibility for so that it doesn’t end with a 6-1 score.

slaughtered in Italy

– How is it talked about in Italy?

– The headlines in the newspaper abound in which there is talk of humiliation, nightmares and disasters. Brastad says big words are used, and rightly so.

And Gazzetta wrote that he calls it, among other things, “an infinite shame.” magazine.

They further wrote: “There have already been embarrassing defeats in the history of the European Giallorossi, but one thing is to take such a rift against Manchester United, Barcelona or Bayern Munich, it is something completely different from the 218th team in the UEFA ranking.” .

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