New Grandiosa | John Stahl loves grandiosa: – He can eat five dishes a week

New Grandiosa |  John Stahl loves grandiosa: – He can eat five dishes a week

(The newspaper online): In recent weeks, grocery chain price cuts on Grandiosa pizza have received a lot of attention in the media and a lot of engagement in the comment areas.

Last week maybe The newspaper online Let's assume that 3.3 million Grandiosa pizzas were sold in Norwegian grocery stores in the first five weeks of 2024. This is 1.2 million more than in the corresponding period last year.

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One of those who took advantage of the offer is John Stahl Dingvold (37) from Farsund.

“The refrigerator is completely full now,” Dingvold tells Netavsin, laughing.

Since he was 18, he has sworn allegiance to the famous frozen pizza. It is estimated that it consumes approximately 3,000 Grandis.

-I love the original Grandiosa, and I eat up to five pieces a week. It's a quick and easy meal for me. “It's quick energy after a long day of work,” he continues.

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Several hundred thousand are used

Nettavisen did a rough math to figure out how much Dyngvold spent on pizza.

The price of Grandiosa has varied in recent years, but in lower price chains the normal price was around NOK 50.

So, we start from that price, and we also start from the fact that Dingvold has been eating Grandiosa four times a week since he turned 18.

A rough estimate is that he spent NOK 10,800 on Grandiosa during the year.

This means he has spent NOK 205,200 in the last 19 years – from when he was 18 to today.

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“I've had a lot of glory,” says Dingvold.

Orkla Challenges: – My dream

Clinical nutritionist Tine Sundvor says there's nothing wrong with eating a Grandiosa fruit every now and then, but she wishes more could be done from a political standpoint to make healthy food cheaper.

“I dream of a Grandiosa with a whole grain base, and a Grandiosa as a wrapper with a salad next to the pizza,” she tells Netavisen.

The full-based Grandiosa has actually been on the Norwegian market before, but it only started appearing a few years ago – more specifically in 2016. It then went under the name “Grandiosa Fullgod”.

– We kept it on the market for a long time, but in the end we had to abandon it due to poor sales, Orkla's communications director, Dag Olaf Stocken, tells Nettavisen.

-Is this something you want to launch into the market again in the future?

-We keep our cards close to our chest when it comes to new item plans. We'll see what the future holds, says the communications director.

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The content is terrifying

In other words, Sundfør and others dreaming of a healthier Grandiosa variety will have to wait in anticipation.

Grandiosa Original contains just under 1,250 calories.

– Actually I feel more like saying what it is no It includes. First, it contains very few vegetables and fiber. If we look at the Norwegian dietary surveys and we see that Ola Nordmann gets very little, it is vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish. There is a little of this in Grandiosa. Plus, there's a lot of sifted wheat flour, Sundvor says.

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– He has no health problems

Grandiosa's lover, Dyngvold, has no plans to stop eating frozen pizza.

“Even though I've eaten a lot of Grandiosa pizza, the thought of eating it still makes my mouth water, and I think I'll never get tired of it,” he says.

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– Have you thought about the health aspect of this?

-I don't have any problems with my health. It wasn't long until I went to the doctor. I was lacking a little magnesium, otherwise it was first class, says Norway's new king Grandiosa.

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