News and Education | Benjamin from Ottestad was this year’s intern in Inland: – Really cool and very motivating

News and Education |  Benjamin from Ottestad was this year's intern in Inland: - Really cool and very motivating

Last year, the Innlandet Vocational Training Center awarded the first prize to the best intern in the province. Professional leaders and coaches across Innlandet nominated the best candidates, and the jury consisted of Turid Borud of Innlandet County Municipality, Oppland Editor Arbeiderblad, Erik Sønstelie, and Lærlingsenteret Innlandet’s professional consultants. To win the award, the intern must meet various criteria. These are: professional interest, creativity, self-development, work efforts, social factors and other feedback. The point scale goes from one to 10.

Now the award has been given again and in a final field of five apprentices, it was Benjamin Liom, an apprentice in construction management, who received the generous award.

– It was really cool and I got to bed properly, says the Otestad boy.

He showed he’s among the finalists, but he doesn’t even think about it anymore. On Wednesday, he was asked if he could fix something in the town hall where he usually works. When he entered the room where he was to perform the function, two people were waiting, including Mayor Einar Bistrode.

“It was a nice surprise and something not exactly every day,” says Lium who was celebrated at home in connection with the award.

– He made fun of me, I have no pity, he says and laughs.

diligent and committed

Lium is described as very observant. He constantly wants to develop and learn more about technical facilities, construction and functionality. It should be solution oriented and a factor that rarely gets stuck. He has made a name for himself with very good work effort and ability to take challenges head on. The trainee is described as diligent in preparation, planning and execution and is said to deliver a high professional quality. Jury logic says: This year the intern is working on a complex and complex subject that requires many skills, in both communication and interaction, is solution-oriented and has a technical vision, works on sustainable and environmental measures, in addition to high requirements for documentation. The person concerned has a great desire to develop and learn new things, face challenges head on, demonstrate great professional understanding and deliver high professional quality throughout the apprenticeship period. The concerned person shows very good communication skills with colleagues, partners and clients. We congratulate Benjamin for a day on the Intern Center Award for Trainee of the Year 2021.

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All companies are very proud of the interns and that this award is important for promoting the profession, General Manager of the Innlandet Vocational Training Center, Marianne Stebrod-Antonsen.

There are a lot of excellent young people and good trainees. Plus, professional materials deserve a much better and stronger reputation, and it’s important to highlight this, she says.

It is important to show interest

Lium finds it very motivating to receive this award.

The fact that the work I do and the efforts I put in have been noticed is very interesting and not least a great motivator in working life. Lium says it’s nice to have such an award in resume and a bit of a dream start career for me, and gives his best advice to other interns.

Showing interest in the topic is important. You go away with it. He concludes that one should not be afraid to ask.

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