Nio ET9 – Rent a snowmobile on the car? Check out this great solution

Nio ET9 – Rent a snowmobile on the car?  Check out this great solution

(Elbil24): The nine newcomer ET9 will be a technological bomb packed with power, luxury and exciting functions.

The model will be Nio's most luxurious electric car to date and a car designed to transport executives. In China, as is known, owners of expensive cars often have their own drivers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Nio comes with its new model with a new function that exudes luxury. If you're tired of standing outside in the cold when you have to shovel snow, this is the job for you.

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Get rid of the snow

The Nio ET9's active suspension system is so precise and powerful that it can be used to get rid of snow accumulated on the vehicle.

This seems like an ideal job for Norwegians in the winter.

The question is of course how well this function works, but you can try it out in the video above!

When we first mention Neo and video; Here's how their voice assistant works:

The Nomi voice assistant sits in all Nio cars. She can do a lot of strange things, but that's not all she understands…
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Four-wheel drive

Once we reach Norway and winter, we can report that the Nio ET9 comes with all-wheel drive and two batteries that provide a total of 520 kilowatts.

If you're also concerned about space and range, the ET9 might be the car for you. It's not an SUV, but with a length of 5.34 meters and a wheelbase of 3.25 meters, there should be enough space for most people.

Combined with the insane charging speed and long range, the ET9 is definitely an exciting car. Here you can read more about the model:

Lighten the veil: here is their new electric car

Lighten the veil: here is their new electric car

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