NIPH recommends a booster dose for seniors

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It appears in a recent NIPH recommendation to the government.

Health Minister Bent Hoy and Director of Infection Control Geir Buchholm called a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, where a third dose of the vaccine will be administered.

In the recommendation, the FHI wrote that they would recommend starting with a third dose of the vaccine for people age 85 and older, as well as nursing home residents.

– Not yet approved

The FHI then wants a rolling evaluation before extending the recommendation to people aged 75 to 84 and then people aged 65 to 74.

As of today, the booster vaccination has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency, but that recommendation is expected to be available soon.

In the coming weeks, we will receive more documentation on the effect and safety of booster doses based on experiences from other countries that have recently started booster vaccination, according to the World Health Organization.

Few studies

FHI also lists another alternative. It is largely based on the same as above, but in this variant there would be no need to obtain an advance rolling evaluation before offering booster doses to those under 85 years of age.

To date, only Israel has been significantly vaccinated with a booster dose of the mRNA vaccine in people vaccinated with the vaccines used in the Norwegian vaccination programme.

So the experience, impact, and safety from follow-up studies are few, says FHI.

Follow Høie and Bukholm’s press conference on and Nyhetskanalen from 14.00.

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