Norwegian Stock Exchange, Oslo Stock Exchange | This is what the newspapers are writing about the stock market today, Monday, December 11

Norwegian Stock Exchange, Oslo Stock Exchange |  This is what the newspapers are writing about the stock market today, Monday, December 11

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Billionaire brawl: Sveaas will deny Røkke voting rights (E24)
Christine Sveas suggests a move that increases the chances of a lawsuit being filed at Solstad Offshore. Lawyer Sverre Sandvik in Versholm confirms that Kistefos demands that a vote on Aker Capital and the others proposed to be sued should be rejected at an upcoming general meeting at Solstad Offshore. Read more

Schibsted will split the company into two parts – writing off the newspapers (E24)
Schibsted will sell the media and newspapers to the company’s largest shareholder. The agreement values ​​the news division at $6.2 billion. This includes Shipstead’s holdings in news agencies NTB and TT, as well as Polaris Media. Read more

Chinese stock markets fell significantly on Monday – Nikkei on the rise (investor DN)
Increasing deflationary pressures in China have led to declines in stock market indices on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong. The Tokyo Stock Exchange rose nearly 2%. Read more

Now it’s personal! (bull chr jensen, dn)
On January 5, there will likely be a very dramatic public meeting at Solstad Offshore with two of the country’s most important central financiers as actors. Who buys popcorn? It is reasonably clear that Kistefos is now deflating the market for Solstad Offshore shares ahead of the extraordinary general meeting demanded by Kistefos. The general meeting will likely be held at the beginning of January, perhaps as early as January 5. Since Røkke, as Chairman of Aker, and Eriksen, as CEO of Aker, are deeply involved in the refinancing of Solstad Offshore, one also realizes that the conflict between Kistefos and Solstad Offshore/Aker has become personal. Read more

Sveaas’s right hand opens an alternative solution to the billionaire’s battle (E24)
Until now, threats of lawsuits have been a staple of the conflict over shipping company Solstad. Billionaire Kristin Sves and Kystevos have launched a full-scale attack on Kjell Inge Røkkes Aker in a battle for values ​​at the maritime shipping company. Sveaas and Kistefos may end up being required to file a lawsuit in court. Before then, shareholders in shipping company Solstad Offshore are scheduled to vote on the matter at an extraordinary general meeting. Is it possible to imagine other solutions to the issue other than compensation? – Absolutely yes, all existing shareholders of Solstad Offshore are treated equally and can participate proportionately in the issue in Solstad Maritime (Newco), in addition to being offered to buy out their proportionate share of the shares that AMSC receives in exchange for its contribution to the land, writes Kestevos – Chairman of Bengt Riem . Read more

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Tesla is believed to be the best short-term candidate in 2024 (financialisen)
Bernstein analyst Tony Sacconaghi believes Tesla is the best short candidate in 2024 and lowers his price target to $150 per share. stock. The stock price currently stands at $254. Read more

The oil fund will not sell Tesla (financialisen)
Oljefondet, Tesla’s seventh-largest institutional shareholder, has no plans to sell the stake in the wake of the dispute over collective bargaining agreements. Read more

A nerve-wracking stock market week is coming (Cinder Heyerdahl, E24)
Stock markets, cryptocurrencies and gold are hovering near the peak. But will we really get a long series of interest rate cuts next year? It is certain, however, that many investor sentiment has risen in recent weeks. Risk appetite has begun to rise significantly. It affects the evaluation a lot. Preferably, this should be considered a bit daring. In our latitudes, the valuation of a number of investments rose roughly in line with the decline in the grade scale. Read more

Buy signal in technology stocks that have been bombed – potential turning point in strong shipping stocks (financialisen)
Oil prices and interest rates fell. A buy signal in technology stocks that have been bombed and a head-shoulders formation in strong shipping stocks. What now? Avance Gas shares corrected back and broke the 148 level on Friday, but ended the day marginally below. If this formation holds, it could open the way for a drop towards the 124 level, which is the bottom of the uptrend secondary and possibly the 200-day moving average, just below the 118 level. After falling 74 percent, from a peak of NOK 319.4 on September 7, 2021 to a low of NOK 82.82 on November 1, 2023, the NOD share has turned around and is up 34 percent. A breakout of technical resistance levels could open further gains towards the 131 and 137.50 levels. Read more

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Stock year 2024 – Oil price may be the deciding factor (Christian Li, Chief Strategist Formo) (Finansavisen)
The return in 2023 was very good, especially in foreign equity funds as a result of the depreciation of the krone. There are two main things that can push stock prices higher; The company’s profits grow and its valuation increases. If we avoid a recession in 2024, it is not unlikely that we will get help from both. Surprisingly, the price of oil may still have the final say. Read more

– This market is huge (financialisen)
– This market is huge, says DNB analyst Geir Heller Holum about his favorites in the biotech sector. Bioarctic has developed the first approved drug to modify Alzheimer’s disease. The product is sold with partners Eisai/Biogen. This market is huge, with about 55 million people suffering from dementia globally, and up to 70 percent of them fall into the Alzheimer’s disease category, Holum says. Read more

Idar Vollvik sold cryptocurrency for 16 million – now Gedditcoin has been postponed for 2 years (distinguished name)
The money is out and the stocks are out, but serial entrepreneur Idar Volvik has faith. – I have no doubt that we will achieve this, he says. Read more

Magic with superior returns: – Robert Ness says: – Useless (financialisen)
Potential investors are being tempted by a 60 percent return in three years if they invest money in Høyer’s online store. Investment manager Robert Ness slays the show. Read more

NHH has defied widespread declines in the stock market (financialisen)
Børsklubben NHH was the only entrant in Nordnet’s portfolio competition to raise capital last week. Last week, Kubben made a modest return of 0.1 percent, but it was enough to give the team the weekly win in the Nordnet wallet competition. On average, school teams lost 1.9 percent, while the benchmark and analyst portfolio fell by 1.3 and 1.4 percent, respectively. Read more

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Strong jobs numbers boosted Wall Street on Friday (financialisen)
Industrial heavyweight Dow Jones rose 0.33 percent to 36,247.64 points. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index closed up 0.41 percent to 4,604.37 points, its best level so far this year. The Nasdaq technology index rose 0.45 percent to 14,403.97 points. Read more

Explosives on property (John Meulhus, Senior Lecturer at University of South-Eastern Norway Business School, University of South-Eastern Norway) (DN)
And now bombs are being detonated after unreasonable dealings with high mortgages on properties with low returns. Read more

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