Now Easee is burning through the crisis warehouse they spent up to 200 million kroner to build

Now Easee is burning through the crisis warehouse they spent up to 200 million kroner to build

Ingredients Crisis

On the other hand, the electric car charger company was able to maintain both production and sales during the components crisis.

There has always been a worldwide shortage of technology components, affecting everything from the production of Playstation 5 to electric cars, and everything in between.

This also applies to Norwegian startups. Electric vehicle charging company announced Friday Zaptek They are forced to pause production. However, the delayed parts will arrive in late April, and production is expected to increase as planned in May, the company wrote in a stock exchange statement.

to E24 The company states that it is a matter of 12,000 units, with a turnover of NOK 70 million.

Another startup in the same category is Easy. The company develops and sells electric vehicle chargers and accessories. Last year, the company’s turnover was 1.4 billion kroner and profits half a billion kronor.

They also note that there is a shortage of ingredients, but they plan to fully produce and deliver their products at the promised time this year.

The reason they’re able to do this is because from the start the company has built a “crisis warehouse” of 50,000 units and key components, which is now burning at a rapid pace.

Founder Jonas Helmixtoll It is estimated that Easee spent between 100 and 200 million NOK on the warehouse.

– It was an opportunity we seized, which now turns out to be giving a return, he says.

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Back to the start

At the same time, he thinks it takes to see that the warehouse in which they spent so much time and money, is now getting smaller and smaller by the day.

– This was the intention, because we knew about the possibility of such a crisis. We will be ready. However, it feels more like going back to the beginning.

At the same time, he is ready to take on the task of preparing for the upcoming crisis.

Helmikstøl also notes that Easee placed its orders for the ingredients early, preferably a year in advance, and in bulk.

– You could say we’re putting pressure on suppliers. He says we give priority.

On the other hand, the repository does not prevent new components from arriving later. Instead, Easee is ramping up its ambitions for other product lines, including a unit that monitors household electricity consumption.

– It is very important to me that the staff is doing well, that we avoid uncertainty. By taking these measures, we can maintain pressure and avoid layoffs in times of crisis, he says.

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