December 9, 2022


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Now, for the first time, AMD is worth more than arch-rival Intel

Now, for the first time, AMD is worth more than arch-rival Intel

after AMD recently acquired Xilinxthe company’s market capitalization for the first time has surpassed arch-rival Intel’s reports, among other things Tom’s devices.

According to the site, AMD is now supposed to be worth about $197.75 billion, while Intel’s market capitalization at the same time (February 15) was “only” $197.24 billion. The difference was thus a “stray” $510 million, about 4.6 billion Norwegian kroner at today’s exchange rate.

Pocket scrap, in this context.

As mentioned, the jump in market capitalization is due to AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx, converting 248.38 million Xilinx shares to 428 million new AMD shares. This brings the total number of AMD shares to 1.628 billion, and thus also the total value above Intel’s level.

AMD was on the verge of bankruptcy six years ago, when it launched the first processors with Zen architecture. Since then, processor performance and stock prices have skyrocketed, and now AMD is stabbing Intel on both fronts, even though Intel is actually a much bigger company.

However, AMD is in a position to have two arch rivals: Intel in the processor market and Nvidia in the graphics chip market. AMD hasn’t kept up with the latter properly yet, neither in performance nor in market value. They’re getting closer in terms of performance, taking more and more Nvidia products per generation, but when it comes to market value, both AMD and Intel should see themselves utterly defeated by Nvidia, which equals more than the other two companies combined.