– obvious error – VG

- obvious error - VG
Clear lead: Jakob Ingebrigtsen raced to victory clearly ahead of the Light Rabbit (green lights) on the inside of the roster (bottom right).

Jakob Ingbrigtsen (21) ran the best in the world at 1500 metres, but he thought he was running faster. According to his agent Daniel Wessfeldt, the lightsaber was set at the wrong speed.


Ingebrigtsen came close in the latter half of the race and ran solo to her third fastest time of all time – 3.29.05 – in Lausanne.

But according to Wessfeldt, he may have cheated at a better time. He must have been tricked by the so-called light rabbit down the list. The lights inside the running track have been featured in the middle and long distance competitions in recent years. It should show runners how they are doing in relation to a predetermined time.

– I talked to Jacob about it after the race. A technical error has occurred. He thought the velocity was last set at 3.28, and as long as he was behind him, he thought it was the right time. When it was 3.29, it was clear that a mistake had been made, Wessfeldt tells VG.

– I think I could have run faster, says Jacob Ingbrigtsen himself in an interview with the organizer.

His personal record is 3.28.32 from last year’s Olympic final. It ran two years ago at 3.28.68.

– I looked at the times and saw it wasn’t 3.28 speed, so I realized the light had gone wrong, says Ingebrigtsen NRK.

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It agrees well with the information that NRK commentator Jann Post gave viewers over the 1500m. He spoke to those who put on the Light Rabbit just before the event started and mentioned in the broadcast that he was set to a 3.30 finish time.

It is a shame that miscommunication leads to misunderstanding. That shouldn’t happen. It’s clearly a bug, says Post for VG.

– It spoils his sweat and makes him more careful than he would have been based on how he felt during the race. It’s boring, says Post to VG from La Pontaise in Switzerland.

He reports that the organizer told them they thought it was “too fast” for the light rabbit to set a time of under 3.30.

But according to Daniel Weisfeldt, it was completely impossible for Ingebrigtsen to set up a race in eight tenths of a time. weaker The best in the world at the time. Jake Wightman ran 3.29.23 when he beat Jakob Ingebrigtsen during WC in July.

– We never asked to modify the Light Rabbit to 3.30. At lunchtime, I said, after speaking to Jacob, that the Light Rabbit should be set to 3.28 and it was also confirmed, says Swede Weisfeldt, who is also the agent for Pole star Armand Duplantis.

– Basically you have a question about what you want the light to come on, you said 3.28, then you get a confirmation after that, but then it wasn’t. It is, in a way, a simple failure of the regulators. It’s somehow the regulator’s fault, Ingebrigtsen tells NRK, when those who control the light confirm it.

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– I think Jacob had more to do. There’s no indication he was in the basement here, says NRK expert Viburn Rodal of Switzerland.

“With two hares and the right light, I think Jacob is able to run a little faster,” he says.

– I’m a little unsure of what happened. We were told that the athletes asked the rabbit to walk like this. Now I hear a different version. I don’t know what’s right, says Rodale, who said the following on air: “It’s set to 3.30 because the racers said they didn’t want more speed today.”

The 1500m world record fell to 3.26.00 and belongs to Hicham El Guerrouj. Ranked 8th best pressurized player in the world, Jacob Ingbrigtsen has run the 20th fastest race at his favorite distance.

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