Orgar Owain (1927 – 2024)

Orgar Owain (1927 – 2024)

Orgar Owen was a prominent sociologist, and a prominent rector at the University of Bergen (UiB). He was a central strategist in the founding of Norwegian social sciences. As one of the first professional sociologists in Norway, he has been an institution builder at UiB and at national and international levels.

Orgar Owen.

Orgar Owain was appointed To professor of sociology at UiB in 1967. His path through education and working life is also a story about the construction of modern Norway.

Al Jazeera was born in 1927 He grew up in Brønnøy in Helgeland. After attending school in his village, he read the gymnasium syllabus as self-study combined with a correspondence course, and after one year as a student at Eidsvoll Public High School, he took the art examination in 1946. Two years later he obtained his high school diploma. Examination at Nesna Teacher Training School. He began studying sociology at the University of Oslo in 1949, and continued his studies as a research fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1951. There he met a young and vibrant community of sociologists, characterized by ambition and leadership. After further studies in Oslo and Seattle, he obtained a doctorate in sociology in 1962 from his American university. This was followed by a new five years at the University of Oslo.

Owen appointed professor The UiB heralded the beginning of a golden age of social research in Bergen. He carried in his luggage from the USA ambitions to develop research based on comprehensive empirical investigations, systematic analyzes and methodological methods. He promoted sociology as a national and international discipline. Together with his colleagues at the institute, he started the trend that he called the Bergen School of Sociology.

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Many of his books It is linked to population issues, demographic issues and methodological issues. Issues of research ethics, social stratification, mobility, and the relationship between sociology and society are central themes in many of his later contributions. He constantly reminded the sociologist of the most important and fundamental question: “How do you know?” As a sociologist, the path from hypothesis to theory must be paved with empirical evidence.

As a newly appointed professor He has distinguished himself from the beginning as a central professional leader and institution builder. He became Director of the Department and led the development of the Department of Sociology and the development of Sociology as a study program at Bergen. He was at the forefront of establishing the new College of Social Sciences at the University of Bahrain, and became its first dean.

Over two periods from 1978 to 1983. He was a university president, at a time of great challenges, but also of growth. Wisdom, prudence and warmth characterized his efforts as headmaster. During his tenure, UiB expanded, both in terms of space, budget, educational offer and student numbers. As Rector, Owen also established important principles for the governance, management and organization of research at the University.

International research and university collaboration It was an important part of Owen's work, partly as a visiting professor at several foreign universities, and partly as a member and leader of a number of international committees, boards and councils. He made extensive efforts to promote views on North-South development and cooperation, and develop East-West cooperation during the Cold War. From 1988 to 1995 he was Director General of the Inter-University Center in Dubrovnik, Croatia. From 1988 to 1991 he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Coordinating Center for Research and Documentation in the Social Sciences. He was an honorary citizen of the state of Washington and was appointed Commander of the Order of St. Olaf in 1988.

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The university has a lot to honor the island for. A clear proof of gratitude is that the building in which the Institute of Sociology is now located bears the name “Orgar Owen House”. He was active in the institute environment and in the university community until the end, and was a pleasure to meet in the office every day until he was well into his nineties. Here he published, engaged in teaching and outreach, and maintained contacts and involvement academically and in university politics at both the national and international levels.

The island's generosity, benevolence and benevolence You will be missed towards your students, colleagues and colleagues. Often cited as a safe environment builder, he is often present in the professional environment, always having the door open, generous in sharing knowledge and unusually quick to understand what is needed in terms of inspiration and support, no matter who asks.

The island was a generous pioneer. Who represented the best in UiB and academia.

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