Otto Robsam was replaced by “Chinnessnecker’n”:

Otto Robsam was replaced by “Chinnessnecker’n”:

Earlier this week, the stage was set for the “Bowling Celebrity Invitational” at Veetvet in Oslo. For the event, 30 famous faces from all over Norway traveled to play.

Call for new job

Among those present was Otto Rapsam (55), known as the “Chinnessnaker’n”. Between 2010 and 2018, he helped families unable to complete renovation projects on their own.

The TVNorge program was discontinued in 2019. Earlier this month it was announced that Erik Follestad (34) would take over as the new host.

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– A bit stupid

In other words, Rapsam won’t be seen back on the TV screen anytime soon. These days, he keeps himself busy with his own, exciting projects anyway.

- getting uncomfortably close

– getting uncomfortably close

– Now it’s normal work and various projects. I work for a company called Lloyds Industrial in Sarpsborg, which is great fun. So I create a lot of content and projects around them.

When the 55-year-old was asked what he really thought of Folstad as the new “Chinnessnaker”, he replied:

Missed work: Otto Rapsam admits presenter misses work  Photo: Anita Arndtsen

Missed work: Otto Rapsam admits presenter misses work Photo: Anita Arndtsen
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– By the way, I don’t know him. So I don’t know why he would be. After all, TVNorge owns the project, so they decided on it. There’s definitely a meaning behind it, Robsam tells Dogbladet.

- Very demanding

– Very demanding

– Did you get any advance notice about this?

– An hour and a half ago. Maybe a little silly, but then again, I can’t help it. But it’s not very good.

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– It would be strange

The former host says he’s not sure how Folstad will fare as the new host.

– I don’t know, I don’t know anything. I don’t follow much of what else he does, so it’s hard to say. Like I said, I don’t know him.

- It's tiring to hide it

– It’s tiring to hide it

– Is there any work you miss?

– Yes. After all, I’m kind of a “chinsnake” and have been for 15 years. So it’s been a way of life for so many years that it would be strange not to, says the 55-year-old.

In an email to Dagbladet, TVNorge editor Magnus Vatn writes:

New job: Erik Follestad

New job: Erik Follestad is the new host for the upcoming season of “Sinnasnekker’n”. Photo: Andreas Fadum/Se og Hør
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“Otto has put in an amazing effort as a ‘Chinnessnaker’ over nine brilliant seasons, and without his help, many Norwegian homeowners would have been stuck in hopeless and dead-end projects. We are proud and grateful for all he has achieved.

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Vatn writes that they are now looking forward to introducing the audience to the new season of “Sinnasnekker’n” in a familiar but updated format.

“Since it’s been a few years since the last season aired, it’s only natural that the character of ‘Chinnessnaker’ will be the last to evolve, and we hope that Erik Folstad will do a great job as the new host. , while we understand that Otto is sad”.

Talking about the ADHD diagnosis

Talking about the ADHD diagnosis

Folstad is ready to take on a new role next season. He is a trained craftsman and has a journeyman’s certificate as a carpenter and has previously participated in the TVNorge series “Folle og Almaas bygger hus”.

“As a former hockey player, I’m hot-headed by nature, and combined with my journeyman credentials, I’m an obvious choice as the new grump,” he told Discovery in a press release.

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