Our prayer is that God grant success to our nation

Our prayer is that God grant success to our nation

Preachers and leaders from across the church are making a united call to pray for the election. At the bottom of the article, you will find the names of all of the petition signatories.

We are grateful to live in Norway, a beautiful, peaceful and prosperous country. Our prayers are that God will have his way with our nation. Paul exhorts us in particular to “pray for kings and all officials, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life, with piety and solemnity in all things” (1 Tim 2:2). Therefore, our appeal is: Pray for the country in the final weeks leading up to Election Day on September 11th! Remember also the church elections in the Church of Norway at the same time.

We pray For everyone running for elections. We thank God for their standing on various party lists in municipalities and provinces throughout the country. They bear a critical responsibility for securing local democracy. May God bless them and their families before and after the elections!

We pray For both rural and urban areas. That God put in municipal councils and city councils fair and good politicians, who want the best for their status and lift each other up.

We pray And also to the role of the media in conveying the electoral campaign. I hope there is a fair and respectful tone between the candidates, and that voters get a true picture of what each party stands for.

We pray For democracy itself, there must be good conditions for freedom of expression and diversity of opinion, and for people to see the value of using the right to vote. We demand room for different views of life, including the Christian faith, in public debate. May we have true tolerance and exchange of views!

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We pray About politicians who are motivated by love and justice, and see the importance of the value of life from conception to death. Let us have municipal councils and county councils that help people to live and take special care of the elderly and the sick.

We pray About policies that strengthen the family, so that children can experience the close community between mother, father and children in safe and good homes. We demand an electoral result that promotes good education for children and youth, equips kindergartens and schools, and strengthens the fight against violence and abuse.

We pray About provincial politicians who are able to arrange roads, so that people can live in the country! The transportation policy that connects people to each other and shortens the distances between us.

We pray It is about thoughtful and wise politicians who think in the long term and manage the country’s natural resources well. It facilitates entrepreneurship and the creation of useful products and services that create jobs while building community, as the Houjians did.

We pray About politicians who contribute to the good reception of immigrants to the country and the protection and assistance of people in other parts of the world. We demand policies that contribute to fair arrangements for all, and we demand peace on Norway’s borders.

Alf Magnus, Anders Skarpsnow, Andreas Nordli, Anne-Margret Oferentsen, Anne-Helene Spirod, Arne Borgersen, Asbjorn Simons, Astrid Nerbo, Bente Houkas, Bertil Andersson, Bjorn Jelstad, Bjorn Olaf Hansen, Einar Ekkerhoved, Eyvind Arnivag, Eyvind Hogdal-Saxed, Ellen Fagerbacke, Erhard Hermansen, Erik Jensen, Erling Thaw, Frode Hansen, Geir Morten Rogstad, Geir Morten Nordkel, Greet Jarlisdatter Vangstad, Gre Uland, Gunnar Brodelli, Han Brathen, Han Eliassen, Helge S. Gard, Hermod Backfull, Hilda. Loten Halvorsen, Haakon Fagervik, Havard Keolisdal, Ingeprekt Kvam, Jarl Ramunddal, Jens Ker Lindahl, Joachim Magnus, John Erling Madsen, John Malvin Eriksen, John Stenar Keolisdal, Jurgen As, Karl-Axel Mintzoni, Kjell Eriksen, Kjell Martin Meyer, Knut Kvami Lima Desta, Linda Askeland, Lynn Meyer, Liv-Kristen Larsen, Mae-Britt Lund, Merity Voin-Arnivaag, Nils Yosang, Paul Otto Nerbo, Per Arne Jerdi, Per Bradley, Randy Ann Skärdal, Ridvald Heulstadt, Robert Erlandsen, Rolf Ekenes, Rolf Gunnar Heitmann, Stefan Christiansen, Sven Granerod, Sven Lindst, Tanja Ronhovde, Tarje Seiffen, Terje Daly, Therese
Egyptaken, Ton Severas, Oyston Helleren, Oyston Jeremy, Oyston Samoen.

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