Peter Northug – Scared Shot: – Save him

Peter Northug – Scared Shot: – Save him

Peter Northug beat Kalle Halfvarsson and William Buruma in the 90 km Klarälvsloppet race. Northog was fighting for the win but was defeated in the end.

He finished tenth, just 6.4 seconds behind winner Amund Rigi. Oscar Obstad Vik pitched a Norwegian double.

Those affected by depression: – Severe

Thus Northug defeated his old rival Halvarsson. Halfvarsson was No. 13, just over a second behind Northug.

Buruma is not included in the race. He had an accident along the way where he drove his car into a stream. Buruma returned to the field but fell and finished 15 minutes after his victory.

Peter Northug was exhausted after his leg at the Holmenkoll Relay. It was captured by NRK cameras. Video: NRK/Thomas Harstad, Perth Skingen, Dagbladet TV Sporten
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– Of course they are afraid

Northug was in the lead group, and showed himself in front for the first time after 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Former cross country runner Simen Østensen pointed out on NRK that many cross country canons have mentioned Northug as the person they are looking for now.

-He's in love

-He’s in love

“Of course they are afraid of Peter Northug,” said Torgeir Bjorn.

– This was the path and path on which Northog could win, and for the first time in many years, Bjorn followed it.

But in the end, Northug was unable to stay in front when the pace was set towards the finish line in Karlstad in what is the world’s longest ski race.

Niklas Dierhaug got a ride to attend a press conference with Peter Northug. Program leader: Øyvind Godu. Cutting: Christopher Lucas. Video: Photos from NRK
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Riege won the sprint, putting Vasalopp winner Emil Persson in his place.

Northug has distinguished himself in several competitions this summer and fall. He has long indicated that he is betting big on the upcoming long-distance running season.

- I'm not the father

– I’m not the father

-He is getting closer to his goal of winning the Vassalopit Cup. It’s better than it has been in many years, but there wasn’t enough juice in the end, Björn summed up after the finale.

This season Northug is competing with his own team, Team Janteloppet. Among others, Jewar Thiel and Alicia de Zulte also go there.

The choice of Dagbladet cross-country expert Peter Northug surprises. Video: Lucas/Harstad. Clip: NRK
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Drama: – Withdraw

Not only the long-distance elite participated in the Klarälvsloppet. The Swedish cross-country elite were also on hand for the 90-kilometre race.

Kalle Halvarsson made his mark on the break early, but fell behind. William Buruma had an accident that was not captured on camera.

– Buroma deviated from the track and entered a stream. It seems like things went well, but we don’t know much more. The last time we saw him, he was back in the field, so hopefully it won’t be too bad, expert Anders Blomquist told SVT.

In the women’s class, the Swedish language was twice. Jenny Larsson defeated Ida Dahl. The best Norwegian was Anikken Gjerde Alnæs in fourth place.

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