Peugeot E-3008: this is the impression so far

Peugeot E-3008: this is the impression so far

Sporty: This is how Peugeot wants to impress the family with an SUV coupe. Check out the movie. Photos and video: Ron Nesheim /

The Peugeot E-3008 is the first car on the new Stellantis platform. It shows the way for a host of other new car brands. Now we know how good it is.

Peugeot has achieved good success in its electric car project.

They launched the small E-208 when people started craving electric cars in 2020. Later that year came the longer e-2008 compact SUV.

The E-308 arrived this year, but electric vehicle development is moving so quickly that the platform it's built on is already outdated due to its limited range and slow charging speed.

Going out for a spin: Peugeot is the first to introduce a model built on the important STLA platform. It goes a long way to showing what we can expect from Stellantis family cars in the future.

Medium STLA

It's the five new STLA platforms that big parent company Stellantis will live on in the future, and Peugeot is the first to come out with a car on the platform.

As well as the most important model, the E-3008.

The previous product sold well. More than 1.3 million in the seven years he lived. The new one is 9.5 cm long and 4.54 m long.

Shorter than the VW ID.4, Nissan Ariya and more, but larger than the new Renault Scenic, which may be its fiercest competitor.

Fairly compact: the E-3008 becomes the sporty variant. If you need a proper SUV, choose the E-5008. It'll be longer, have seven seats and a straighter roof all the way back, naturally.

The STLA-Medium, like the E-3008, is by no means groundbreaking, quite the opposite.

This isn't a pure electric car platform either, because surprisingly you can get the 3008 with a 1.2-litre petrol engine too.

Only the section from the front door to the back is a pure electric car platform.

No revolution

Instead, Peugeot is trying to catch up with its competitors in the most important areas:

WLTP range between 512 and 527 kilometres, charging speed up to 160 kW, boot space 520/1480 litres, roof payload 80 kg and trailer weight between 1200 and 1350 kg, depending on model.

Maybe this is too much.

Pride: Alipio dos Santos, Design Director for EV Systems, shows us what's special about the STLA platform, which is that everything in front of it is a hybrid/electric platform, while everything behind it is a dedicated EV platform, including the rear axle Which gets multiple connections in an electric car.

A draw of 0.28 cW from such a coupé, a declared consumption of 1.67-1.74 kW per mile, a 400V platform and a gross weight of over 2.1 tons – well, that doesn't prove that Stellantis has twisted his brain cells. To the maximum when they developed the platform.

What about power?

The 210 hp two-wheel drive (0-100 km/h in 8.8 seconds) and 320 hp four-wheel drive are also in the middle of the tree.

Or: It's more than enough actually, but not enough to make you feel like you have a powerful car.

Later, there will be front-wheel drive with a larger battery. Then they gave the engine an extra 230 horsepower because it had to handle the extra kilos.

Large Grill: Now the grill is placed lower than the lights. Behind this style are flaps that actually open to cool the components under the hood when needed.

The engines should be able to deliver much more power, according to Alipio dos Santos, the chief engineer who was in charge of the electric powertrain. He promised that we would see larger versions on the platform later, but not necessarily the E-3008.

The rear-wheel drive (80 kW/110 hp) has a clutch and disengages the engine above 40 km/h in normal mode, but operates with more than 60 percent throttle input.

In Sport and Snow mode, it's there all the time.

OPEN AND REMOVE: Batteries lift out from the bottom and can be easily opened to change cells. The batteries are developed and manufactured in France. Stellantis will build enough capacity to produce all the batteries itself. Peugeot will be the first to come out with a warranty of 8 years or 200,000 kilometers on the entire car. This applies to the whole of Europe.

Front-wheel drive is rated at 170 hp in Eco mode, 190 hp in Normal mode and 210 hp in Sport mode.

First will come front-wheel drive, soon all-wheel drive, and after that will come a model with a range of more than 700 kilometers, aided by a larger battery. It will be front-wheel drive.

Two batteries

The batteries offered are 73 and 97 kWh net. This is 97 percent of the total capacity.

Both batteries should be able to charge 20-80 percent within 40 minutes, even if both batteries are charged at a maximum of 160 kilowatts.

The small battery delivers maximum power from 0 to 30 percent, and the large battery somewhat longer, so they both charge equally quickly.

Claw Marks: You don't have a lion in the logo without lights illuminated in the form of claw marks. The GT version gets an LED matrix.

The car has a heat pump with a 7.5 kW heating element that also heats the passenger compartment.

Currently, there is no battery preheating in terms of fast charging, but in October the battery will be heated when charging, and there will also be preheating via route planned in 2025.

Previously sold cars will then be updated. They are open to manual activation.

Luxurious interior

Inside the car, they took off. The interior is dominated by a large 21-inch panoramic screen, positioned high, in order to have a field of view above the steering wheel and thus eliminate the head-up display as well.

Fabric: Fabric is trendy and Peugeot has extended the cord longer. The dashboard, doors, center console and even the areas on the front backrest towards the rear seat are all covered in textiles.

With some practice, you'll also understand the infotainment system.

Large surfaces are covered in fabric, even on the back of the chairs, and with the 21-inch GT version, there's also a row of buttons with large optional shortcuts you can swipe between.

LIT: Beautiful aluminum strip indirectly lit in eight colors of your choice. It looks really elegant.

Otherwise, the interior is decorated with large amounts of textiles and indirectly lit aluminum. Tasteful and cozy, while there are lots of small rooms.

ChatGPT will help you with whatever you want in the long run. Unfortunately not in Norwegian.

Tight behind

You can choose between three different seats. The Allure has two-way lumbar support and seat cushion extension. If you pay extra 10,000, you also get power recline on the seat cushion.

Well: all the functions are on the surface, but you actually have to press them like a regular button, and that helps. But why can't car manufacturers stop using glossy surfaces soon?

The GT features 4-way lumbar support and height adjustment, but does not have a pillow extension. But if you order the black nappa leather interior, you'll get 10-way power-adjustable seats with heating, cooling, and massage.

The car has an amazing amount of lateral support. Personally, I miss more lumbar support.

When you sit in the back seat you will face the greatest restrictions. I, being 1.89 meters tall, have limited space.

Stylish recliners: We tested the manual fabric recliners, but many will likely order the E-3008 with power recliners with cooling and massage as well.

Luggage space too

With 520 liters under the bonnet, it fits well into the family car segment. The rear seatbacks are split 40/20/40, and you get 1,480 liters with the seats down, which is practical enough overall.

The payload of 532 liters can be heard without a driver. You can therefore benefit from a roof payload of 80 kg and a trailer weight of 1,200 to 1,350 kg, depending on model and equipment.

Crowded: Four adults need a good conversation after long trips, because there isn't much legroom in the back seat.

Sportier than expected

The Peugeot retains the go-kart feel with the small steering wheel and feels incredibly compact and agile.

It is now just 1.85 meters long, and the intimate cabin that surrounds the two front seats in a small cocoon makes the car feel even smaller.

Lightly loaded: In the back, on the other hand, you have two floor heights and a three-part rear seatback.

We're used to Citroën's having soft, comfortable suspension, but we've seen a trend with the E-308 and now the E-3008 where they've stiffened up a bit.

It's a bit surprising, since here they have a full 7.5 inches off the ground and plenty of suspension movement to be able to create a real comfortable canter.

But on the potholed roads on the way out of Cannes, the car gets a little bumpy, but not annoying.

Large: There's actually a lot of space under the lower level as well. In fact, there could have been space for a large bathtub under the hood as well, but they couldn't afford that.

You've heard our prayers for an easier way to renew. There are now levers behind the wheel in three steps. But there is no automatic function.

The Norwegians choose GT

You get what you need in the Allure, but you get some important packages if you opt for the GT, which is what the Norwegian importer expects most people to do.

The Allure starts at NOK 428,900, while the GT is NOK 30,000 more expensive. We expect all-wheel drive to have a markup of up to 30,000 above that again, although this has not been confirmed.

TOGGLES: You can choose which buttons you prefer to place on this screen.

Then you get the 20-inch Special Design and Safety Package (NOK 12,000) with Matrix LED lights that hide traffic. It shined well on the E-308 and likely will do so on this model as well.

No less important are the adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function and front parking sensors. But if you want a 360-degree camera, you have to pay another 19,000.

Sport: Normally you have 190 hp, but put it in Sport and you'll have 210 hp.

But then you get extra Driving assistance pluss, which keeps you in your lane and helps you change lanes, as well as blind-spot and cross-traffic warning behind you.

The GT also gets the Telematics package (NOK 12,000). The package also includes the app, which allows you to control the car's temperature, charging, route planner and so on.

Tough competition: Peugeot must have paid for high comfort, even if it falls somewhat short of those you want to compare it to.

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Will it be too expensive for the size?

With all equipment, the E-3008 with standard battery pack and two-wheel drive costs NOK 532,400 plus delivery.

After that, it will be as expensive as the all-wheel drive Tesla Model Y, while in terms of size it ends up at the Renault Scenic, which costs NOK 369,900.

Peugeot scores higher for interior comfort, and is the first company to offer an eight-year or 200,000km (whichever comes first) warranty.

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