Races against Canon: – Don’t scan when the printer runs out of ink

Races against Canon: - Don't scan when the printer runs out of ink

In New York, USA, a man sued the imaging and printing company Canon. The background is the problems of a multifunction printer which the guy thinks has some weaknesses.

The reason is that he discovered that the all-in-one printer, which can also scan documents, would not scan when the printer was low or out of ink. Which caused the plaintiff’s reaction.

Documents cannot be scanned

The man wrote in his lawsuit that “Canon’s advertisements are false, misleading and reasonably likely to deceive the public” and that he would not have bought or paid for the printer much, had he known one should have it. Ink in the machine for scanning documents.

The man also replies that Canon describes the all-in-one printer as a device that can print, copy, and scan, and that there is no warning that ink cartridges are required to use all features.

According to the plaintiff, there is no reason or technical basis to produce an all-in-one printer with a system that detects the level of ink cartridges and limits the functionality of the scanner when it is empty or the ink level is low. He believes Canon is only doing this to force users to buy new ink cartridges.

The Canon printer in question is the Pixma MG2522, which is not sold in Norway.

It requires 5 million dollars

the site sleeping computer He writes that there have been several people who have contacted Canon about this issue and have been told that yes, they must have a non-empty ink cartridge in the printer to use the scan function.

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There is no other solution for this, Canon customer service has informed people.

Another Canon customer support writer:

Pixma MX170 must have all ink cartridges installed and must contain ink. Attempting to print without an empty cartridge or ink will damage the printer.

The plaintiff implicated about 100 other people in a class action lawsuit against Cannon. They ask the company for $5 million, which is just over 42 million kronor at today’s exchange rate.

The class action has not been approved in court at the time of writing, and Cannon has not yet commented on the suit. We’ve tried to get feedback from Canon Norway, including whether the issue is with units sold in this country, but haven’t received an answer at the time of publication.

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