Rats outside “Maskorama”: – uncharted waters, to put it mildly

Rats outside “Maskorama”: – uncharted waters, to put it mildly

It was Ruta who came out in the second episode of the “Maskorama” program broadcast by NRK. Mads Hansen (39 years old) hid behind the mask.


Season 4 of “Maskorama” has begun, and now speculation about who’s hiding behind the masks is in full swing.

Last week it was the wizard who had to reveal his identity. Crime writer and former police investigator Jörn Lehr Horst (53) hid behind the mask.

However, this week, it was Mads Hansen who had to crawl out of the costume. He appeared on stage with his version of “Rosa Helicopter” by Peaches.

– It was enjoyable by all standards. It is, to put it mildly, uncharted waters. I just had to “do” what I could, which was funky song choices and head fog on stage. It continued until the second programme, Hansen told VG after the broadcast.

VG Tor reviewer Martin Bøe rolled the dice along the way. See the reviews below in this case.

He attended to his son

Hansen says he only agreed to participate because of his son.

-My son is a huge fan of the movie “Maskorama”, so I thought it would be fun for him to be able to watch it without knowing that I was the one hiding in the costume.

– Did he have any doubt that it was you?

– No, that’s not what I know. Now there haven’t exactly been months of speculation, then. It’s been about a week, but things have gone well, he says.

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However, his colleagues on the VGTV show “Spårtsklubben”, Erik Volestad (34), Ida Vladen (37) and John Martin Henriksen (33), are a little unsure about that.

– The gang in “Spårtsklubben” easily caught me by voice and hints. “I think they probably realized I couldn’t say anything,” he says.

The “Spårtsklubben” committee thought they had revealed Rota before Saturday’s broadcast:

When asked who Hansen thought was hiding behind the other masks, Hansen answered Kevin Vagenis (37), Katrin (50), Evelina Moholt (23) and Charlotte Frogner (42).

-These are the three I trust the most.

VG’s reviewer gave Hansen a roll of the dice of two – double the previous broadcast. The runner-up believes he is “totally worthy” when it comes to singing.

– If it was about choosing songs and theatrical performances, he could have provided more, he intervenes.

KJØRTE EN KJARTAN LURITZEN: The turtle went on Saturday for the song “Badebussen”, which has been on the Norwegian top chart on Spotify for a long time.


Marion Ravn (39) returns to the detective team and this year she has brought in Robert Stoltenberg (58) and Titi Liedbom (37).

As usual, the presenter is Silje Nordens (38 years old).

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Detective panel: Titi Ledblom, Marion Raven and Robert Stoltenberg set out to solve the mysteries of the mask.

The first winner of “Maskorama” for 2020 was Trollet. Do you remember who was hiding behind the mask?

The following year, it was the snow monster that escaped triumphantly – and last year it was the zombies who drew the longest straw.

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