Report: Therefore, buying new virtual reality glasses from Apple will be a “complicated” process

Report: Therefore, buying new virtual reality glasses from Apple will be a “complicated” process

Apple finally launched its much-talked-about VR/AR Vision Pro glasses earlier this summer, and perhaps not entirely unexpectedly, we’re not talking about a particularly cheap product. Now it turns out to be practical buying A headset can also help raise the threshold for some.

According to a report from bloomberg Customers interested in the Vision Pro product have to go through a small procedure before they can obtain a copy – allegedly to ensure the best possible customer experience.

May require an appointment

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who specializes in Apple news, claims that if they buy the glasses in a physical store, customers will likely have to book an appointment before they can purchase the product.

The purpose should be to ensure that customers get a product that works for them, through comprehensive modifications and adaptations. For this purpose, Apple will reportedly create separate areas in stores with demo units and gadgets, according to Gurman.

If you’re using glasses, Apple will obviously require users to upload their description via a separate web portal.

Furthermore, Bloomberg claims that the company is developing a separate iPhone app that will be used to scan a user’s head, in order to use this information to design pillows with minimal light leakage around the eyes, and possibly other accessories. If you order online, you can simply upload the information.

Apple is also apparently working on a device that can be used to scan customers’ heads, which presumably will be used in physical stores.

The idea of ​​allowing users to book an appointment before purchasing a product was a strategy that Apple also used when the Apple Watch smartwatch was first launched in 2015. In this case, the arrangement was optional, and it’s uncertain exactly what the arrangement would be. Working with Vision Pro.

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The most complex launch ever

Sources Bloomberg has been in touch with say the launch of the Vision Pro will be one of Apple’s most complex operations ever, due, among other things, to challenges around logistics, the need to train sales staff and train customers on the correct use of the product.

It has already appeared that Apple faced manufacturing challenges, as Digi recently reported, due to the relatively complex product design. These challenges have led Apple to cut projected production volumes very sharply and will now produce far fewer units than originally planned.

Thus, Apple Vision Pro is what is called an “augmented reality” product that works by seamlessly blending the physical and digital environments, and is intended for both entertainment and productivity purposes. The glasses provide, among other things, 4K resolution, 3D sound reproduction and a 3D camera.

The US starting price is $3,500, which would likely correspond to more than 40,000 crowns in this country. The Vision Pro will launch in the US first, and will come to Europe sometime next year.

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