Rhiannon (30) Shock: – Like jumping from the fifth floor

Rhiannon (30) Shock: - Like jumping from the fifth floor

Watch the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on TV 2 Sport 1 Saturday from 15:30!

– Very happy to be back in Norway. I was here earlier this summer and it was really special to see the stage. Now I’m looking forward to the start, I think Norway will like it, Ifland tells TV 2.

Around 30,000 spectators at the Opera in Oslo are expected on Saturday to watch the spectacular spectacle unfold as the world’s top cliff divers jump from nearly 30 meters onto a rotating platform deep in the Oslo Fjord.

Incredible statistics

Australian Rhiannon Ifland may have the biggest profile of them all.

Ifland sank in Oslo in June – check out the crazy footage in the video window below!

The 30-year-old Australian has almost cleaned up everything she’s done since her big breakthrough in 2016, when she became the youngest woman to win a race in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series.

Since then, there have been five World Series titles, including 25 of his 35 individual victories.

Ifland is the most successful female athlete in cliff diving history.

On social media like TikTok and Instagram, many of his videos went worldwide:

Dangerous game

She is fully aware that the sport she practices is risk-free.

These rapids range from 23 to 28 meters high, and the water hits the surface at speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour. This corresponds to a force two to three times the force of gravity.

If you don’t hit the water properly, you will take serious damage.

– The heights we jump.. can be compared to jumping from the fifth floor of an apartment building. When you hit the water at the speed we do, it’s with calculated risk. We train hard to reduce it. There are strong forces at work, but that’s why we train so hard, says Ifland.

Ready: Ifland is looking forward to showing the Norwegian audience what he's capable of.  Photo: Fredrik Fjellvang / TV 2

Ready: Ifland is looking forward to showing the Norwegian audience what he’s capable of. Photo: Fredrik Fjellvang / TV 2

– Injuries occur in all sports, but we are fully aware of their consequences, he continues.

Now he is ready for the fourth round of Red Bull Cliff Diving in Oslo. The fearless rock climber from Australia is clearly leading the world series.

– I try to have low expectations of myself and focus on what I have to do. But of course: in the back of your mind you always have the desire to win the championship and advance. After all, the most important thing for me is to enjoy myself, she concludes.

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