Russia rages against Poland’s plans

Russia rages against Poland's plans

Poland is now planning to build a border fence of about 200 kilometers on the border with Russia, equipped with cameras and motion sensors.

According to the main reason for Poland Sky News It is to stop the arrival of Asian and African immigrants who the Polish authorities fear will be used in a mixed war against the country.

refugee crisis

Last fall, Poland experienced a refugee crisis at the border with Belarus, when thousands of refugees from Africa and the Middle East tried to enter the country and the eurozone.

The Russian line of defense was awarded a failing grade by the Finnish brigade. Video: RIA / FAN / TWITTER / VNG. Reporter: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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At the time, the Belarusian authorities denied having anything to do with the refugee influx, but Poland then erected a border fence against the state, which is now Russia’s ally in the war against Ukraine.

Now Poland is considering doing the same along its border with Russia. Poland borders the Russian stronghold of Kaliningrad, which lies between Poland and Lithuania.

– It must be strengthened

Krzysztof Sobolevski, Secretary General of Poland’s ruling Law and Order party, talks about the plans of Polskie Radio 1.

Russian exclusion: Kaliningrad lies between Lithuania and Poland.
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– We should strengthen our presence and forces on those borders and also think about building similar border barriers as we did against Belarus, Sobolevsky said, according to Reuters.

The fences against Belarus are made of steel, 5.5 meters high and have motion sensors and cameras. This wall extends for about 187 km.

– Stupid

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, describes the potential plans as “stupid”.

– History has always shown that it is stupid to build fences, because over the years and decades, the walls will fall, says Peskov.

Polish border guards said they could start construction already at the beginning of next year because Poland was afraid that more refugees would enter Poland via Kaliningrad in the coming weeks.

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