– Sailors can exceed – E24

– Sailors can exceed – E24

The sailor spends Christmas at sea. Meanwhile, prominent investors are arguing over where he works.

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Billionaires Kristin Sveis and Inge Röcker continue to struggle for money and power at the shipping company Solstad Offshore.

The controversy started earlier this month, when Sveyas lashed out at Rocky.

There is now dialogue among shareholders, but the temperature is still high. The two prominent investors continue to deliver exciting jabs and moves targeting each other.

Christian Ström works as a sailor at Solstad Offshore and is a club leader in the trade union Safe. It is believed that employees are affected by the uncertainty caused by ownership conflict.

– It is stupid to have a dispute over refinancing. If this continues, it could affect sailors, Strom tells E24.

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Comment: “In 2024, the question will be why.”

For the company and its employees, the issue is about securing a rescue plan for the debt-ridden shipping company and safe workplaces.

For billionaires, it's a battle for values.

The crux of Kistevos's criticism was that the agreement to settle Solstad's debts blatantly discriminated against Aker's shareholders.

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-Very bad timing

Strom works on an anchor handling vessel «Norman Verking». He will spend Christmas at sea.

It is believed that the quarrel between billionaires comes at a bad time.

– It's not good that there's a lot of uncertainty around the shipping company we work with now over Christmas. It's very bad timing.

Strom says he and his staff have received little information from management, other than what has come to light in the media.

Røkke recently purchased significant amounts of shares in Solstad. He justified the share purchase by saying that Aker “will ensure the refinancing is completed in the best interests of Solstad Offshore, shareholders, lenders and the company's 2,500 employees.”

“We have recorded that some shareholders have put the refinancing process at risk,” Roque said.

Fighters: Kristen Sveis and Angie Rocky's agent.

Solstad Offshore has billions of kroner in debt maturing in March 2024. The refinancing proposal includes billions in new loans to pay off old debt.

According to the plan, the refinancing was expected to be completed at the beginning of the year.

Don't be afraid of jobs

Strom says employees don't fear for their jobs.

“We hope they come to a resolution and close the case soon, so we can continue to do our work and have peace and quiet,” Strom says.

In an interview with Today's business Røkke also commented on this matter. He said that Aker had contributed to reaching the “correct” solution for Solstad.

– Roque told the newspaper that Aker has a binding agreement with Solstad, and Solstad has a binding agreement with the banks.

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At the same time, both parties are silent about whether there is movement between them.

Neither Kistefos, Solstad Offshore CEO Lars Peder Solstad, Solstad Chairman Harald Espedal, nor Aker had any comments on their dialogue.

Sveaas and Røkkes Aker declined E24's requests for an interview in connection with the case.

– serious

Hans Sande, president of the Norwegian Naval Officers Association, spoke about the case earlier this week.

“It's obviously serious,” Sandy said.

He fears Solstad will have to sell the ships if the refinancing fails.

The ships are crewed by Norwegian crew. If ships fall into foreign hands, their crews disappear, this is our experience.

However, Sandy is optimistic. He believes they will find a solution, and believes anything else will be “disappointing.”

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