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Havila Capella til kai i Ålesund, 28. februar 2022.

In 2018, the Havila Coastal Route was commissioned to operate four routes daily between Bergen and Kirkenes. Since its inception, the company has had its own characteristics Things did not go as planned.

The construction of the four ships for the rear team was considerably delayed. Must be with them first Four ships ready by January 1, 2021. Just until now A ship is in operation.

Now Havila is confronted with new things happening at sea:

GTLK, the owner of four ships, has been hit by EU sanctions against Russia.

Havila Kistruden writes this in a stock market announcement on Monday.

GTLK is a Russian state Leasing company It has offices in many cities around the world.

The total value of the four ships planned to sail the Havila Coast is approximately NOK 4 billion.

The agreement between Havila and GDLK is that the Russians will own the ships and lease them to Havila for 10 years. After a 10-year lease, Havela has acquired the beach trail desire In purchasing ships.

Discusses alternative funding

Havila Kistruden writes that sanctions prevent GTLK ships from being funded. They have been working to find alternative financing for a period of time as they see that there may be sanctions against GTLK.

“Havila Cabella” now runs on the regular route between Bergen and Kirkenes. As far as the NRK is aware, the second ship, the “Havila Coaster”, was to be delivered these days from the Turkish shipyard Terzan.

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According to the booking portal on Havila’s website, “Havila Coaster” will make its maiden voyage from Bergen on May 10.

Havela is now in discussions about how to deliver the ship quickly, write them in the stock market announcement.

Arne Johann Dale, CFO of Havila Kistruten, told NRK that the company would not comment on the matter beyond what was said in the stock market announcement.

Related to President Putin

Follow E24 Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov and several Russian heads of government Restricted to GTLK.

GTLK is one of the largest leasing companies in the world and leases other aircraft, cargo and cruise ships.

KREML: Dmitry Peskov is a Russian ambassador. He serves as President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman.

Photo: Sputnik / Reuters

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