Sauerland Chips with Gingerbread – I couldn’t wait any longer

Sauerland Chips with Gingerbread – I couldn’t wait any longer

Starting next week, you can find Sørland chips with gingerbread flavor in stores. This isn’t the first time Sørlandschips has tried a new, unusual blend.

Sørlandchips several years ago included the chips Rib and Pork Flavor Before Christmas, but now they want to offer the consumer something new.

– We also wanted something sweet with our chips. We really love potato chips and gingerbread, so we decided to give them a try together, says Marketing Director Daniel Bernstein at Sørlandschips.

Earlier this year, they launched Sørlandchips with Hockey powder flavor And the response to this slide, which they described as enormous.

much good?

When DinSide asked them what exactly caused this combination, they were clear in their conversation:

– Can there be so many good things for Christmas, we thought. Now, for the fourth year in a row, we’ve launched our rib and ham-flavored potato chips, which have become a Christmas tradition for many.

The idea of ​​gingerbread chips has been around for a long time, Bernstein explains, but because ribs and pork chops were so popular, they were overdue for gingerbread.

– This year we couldn’t wait any longer. So this year you can get both ribs, pork chops, and gingerbread from Sørlandschips, says Bernstein.

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Only in Coop

The chips will be in stores from week 46, but in a limited edition. In addition, only one store chain will sell the new product.

We only made 40,000 bags and they’ll only be found in Coop stores this year, says Bernstein.

In the past, Sørlandschips has been a hit with many different flavors and combinations.

We firmly believe that these chips, like hockey powder, will also quickly disappear from store shelves, he adds.

Bernstein thinks it will become a Christmas tradition for many, just like ribs and pork chops.

Ginger Bonanza

Christmas Taste: Ginger flavor is a classic Christmas seasoning taste.  Photo: The Producers

Christmas Taste: Ginger flavor is a classic Christmas seasoning taste. Photo: The Producers
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Sørlandchips isn’t the only one who invented the ginger flavor. Mindy’s Chocolate comes with pre-Christmas chocolate covered gingerbread balls.

Diplom-Is is relaunching the Gingerbread Biscuits Ice Cream Sandwich for the season, this time in six packs.

Hennig-Olsen is also launching Sørlandis gingerbread in a limited edition vanilla ice cream with a chunk of ginger powder.

Eat it with gingerbread and blue cheese. Salty and sweet, absolutely delicious! He advises Paal Hennig-Olsen, Managing Director of Hennig-Olsen Is.

If you are one of those people who can’t get enough of the flavor of gingerbread, you can top it up with gingerbread ice cream or regular ice cream with Idun Ginger Sauce.

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