Scams, Phone Scams | Police warn against fraud: – We never call like that

Scams, Phone Scams |  Police warn against fraud: – We never call like that

– We received inquiries from four different people this evening. Three of these are well-bred in Arendal. They received a call from someone pretending to be a policeman, and he was luring them to get important information, Knut Otte, operations manager at Akter Police District, told Netavisen on Wednesday evening.

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– Police never calls like this. You should never give out sensitive information over the phone, warns Odde. He says the scammer or scammers spoke Norwegian and called from Norwegian mobile numbers.

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– Odde says that often, the holders of the mobile numbers in question are unaware that they are being misused, and refers to the so-called scams where fraudsters use the mobile numbers of ordinary private individuals to call victims. If you try to call back, you will contact an unsuspecting private person.

Ode says they were also contacted by someone in Kristiansand who followed up on the received link and filtered down to a few thousand kroner. In that case, the fraudsters did not pretend to be the police but a bank.

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