Sebastian Scherf. – It was some bullshit

Sebastian Scherf.  - It was some bullshit

– I fell into Silvio and broke my back. It took a while before I recovered again, but now she is “well” and she is very good. I’ve had some breakouts and injuries, so it’s just a matter of being patient. If you hurt when you intend to drive or compete, it can take away a lot of focus, Sebastian Schjerf told Dagbladet.

Unfortunately, injury problems are nothing new to Schjerve. Just two years before Christmas, he fell and broke his femoral neck ahead of the World Cup. Thus, he had to spend a lot of his coming time in a hospital in Beijing.

– It was a difficult period, but I try not to think about it too much, he says.

In February, the Olympics will be held in Beijing and the free runners will head to the same arena where Scherf broke his femur. Schjerve, Ulrik Samn√ły or Tormod Frostad will be the ones to run away with the last Olympic position.

– There will be two competitions before the Olympics and it can quickly affect the selection. Schjerve says my goal is to drive a lot at Christmas and do well in competitions.

Dew trip: Sebastian Scherf just got back from Copper Mountain, Colorado, Photo: Private
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– Childhood dream

The 21-year-old recovered from the injury in October and less than a week ago his dream was coming true.

– I was in the US a week ago and led the Dew Tour for the first time. It was a childhood dream and it was so fun to be a part of it. It was 11th, so it wasn’t a final place. It’s a bit bad, but overall it was a very nice experience, he says and continues:

I focus on my own driving and have been satisfied with the effort. I just tried to enjoy myself as much as possible on the floor.

He has been part of the Norwegian national team since 2019.

– It’s a dream to be in the national team. I learn a lot and there is a very nice group out there. You get to know each other very well when you travel around the world together. We just try to have fun when we travel, he says.

World Cup: Sebastian Scherf in Aspen, Colorado. Photo: Ezra Shaw/AFP

World Cup: Sebastian Scherf in Aspen, Colorado. Photo: Ezra Shaw/AFP
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Namsingen isn’t sure how many days of travel in a year, but the 21-year-old guesses it’s close to 200. Furthermore, he says that he does many different things in his spare time.

– I think it’s important to have a good balance of things and the head should be in place too. It doesn’t just stick to the body.

More than two million plays

On YouTube, he posts weekly videos where you can watch everyday life and life as a freelance professional.

I’ve always enjoyed photographing and posting things, but in the past couple of years I’ve discovered more of what I want. I think it’s fun to do and it’s great to see people love it, he says shrub.

On the various slopes, it is recognized by those who follow the canal.

– I try to be a great role model with good attitudes for young people. It’s fine with support all around.

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