Several trees fell on the road – two arrested

Several trees fell on the road – two arrested

– Police said after the events of the weekend that no one was hurt, but it was just luck.

At around 11.30pm on Saturday, police received information that several trees had been felled and placed on the road on County Road 614 between the Magnhildskar Tunnel and Grove in Kin Municipality, Westland County. The road was cleared before anyone could drive into the trees here.

Two hours later, a car ran into a tree over National Highway 5 near Nabstad between Eikefjord and Storebru in Kin municipality. There were five people in the car. None of them were injured.

– Here too there were many trees cut down by sawmills. When the accident was reported, two more cars ran into the same tree. A third car went into the ditch to avoid the tree, operations manager Frod Goldthwaite said.

On Tuesday, Sinnov Dompan, head of the police station in Floro, told VG that a man in his late teens and another in his 20s had been arrested in the case.

NRK was the first to report the news.

Both were charged with grievous damage and trespass, the verdict said Section three of the Road Traffic Act.

The officer-in-charge of the police station says that the arrest was made in connection with the investigation.

– Domban says that both will be interrogated during the day.

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