February 4, 2023


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Shares rose more than 40 percent after the million-dollar deal

Shares rose more than 40 percent after the million-dollar deal

The Oslo Poor’s headed higher on Thursday afternoon. At 2.30 pm, the main index rose 0.7 percent to nearly 1,192 points.

Oil prices are also pointing up. Brent oil rose 2.2 percent to about $78.90 a barrel, while WTI rose 4.0 percent to about $74.90 a barrel. barrel. However, at the close of trading on Wednesday, Brent Oil was trading at around $79.70 a barrel.

The rally comes after a leak shut down the Keystone pipeline system in North America.

EquinorAnd the Aker BP And the our energy trade All are higher on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Equinor rose 1.8 percent, Aker BP rose 1.2 percent and Vår Energi rose 2.3 percent.

Equinor announced late Wednesday that the company has won a new offshore wind power license outside California, while Vår Energi is among SpareBank 1 Markets’ top picks in the oil sector.

Norwegian Water announced the acquisition of Hueck, a German company that supplies aluminum windows, doors and facade systems as well as aluminum extrusions. On the Oslo Stock Exchange, Hydro’s stake rose about 2.7 percent.

Fernley Securities analyst Nils Thomisen issued buy recommendations for all the salmon stocks he covers, as a bit of supply is expected to keep the salmon price at historically high levels. It also means “to buy” for Greg SeafoodAnd the Masoval And the Salmaras well as all the other salmon stocks he recommended.

However, Grieg’s stock was down 0.4 percent, Måsøval’s stock was up 3.5 percent and SalMar’s stock was up 1.1 percent.

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